Monday, August 8, 2016

Farewell's to my home away from home: goodbye's to many wonderful families

Hey mom and dad so for tomorrow after you guys land you will need to
come down to the mission home to pick me up. I'll be having a
departing interview right before you arrive. I told president you
should be down to the mission home by 5:30ish but don't worry he's
planning on whenever you get there. Make sure you don't take a Toll
road. The address to the mission home is......

10503 Pohick Court
Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039

Not sure what else to
say. I still don't believe that I'm going home. Anyways today for PDay
we tried to play football but it was way too hot. So that ended quick.
Then I bought a USB and put all my photos from my iPad onto it....if
you need anymore information let me know. Otherwise I will see you
tomorrow evening. It's going to be hot again so where cool clothing
and be prepared for humidity that makes you sweat like a pig.
Love elder  Logan Frew