Thursday, July 7, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 99: July 4, 2016

Hey family,
Happy Fourth of July! Thanks for the videos of the reunion. I love
getting videos of the family. I think it's so funny that mom gets the
camera out to make a video for her boys on missions and Derek and John
are like "hey stop! we're doing this right now ha ha! 
Anyways This morning we had a pancake breakfast with our ward which
was ok. The pancakes weren't all the great and there's not really any
members of the ward that were close with which kinda stinks but oh
well. Afterward we went shopping and now we have a BBQ with our zone.
Tonight we're going to watch fireworks with Sanjay in lees-burg. I also
bought a facial trimmer for 10 bucks which includes an eyebrow trimmer
accessory so my eyebrows will be on spot when I get home 😏. This week
we had a lesson with a new investigator name Douglas. We actually
tracked into him like when I first got here and he didn't seem super
promising so nothing really happened. Then we called him during weekly
planning and set up a lesson with him. Hopefully we can get him to
church this next week. Other than that nothing too exciting happened.
 Alright love you all and see you in 3 weeks. I'm trying to get us tickets to Mount Vernon
as well as a Pentagon tour possible but we will see.

Elder Logan Frew

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