Wednesday, July 13, 2016


T-Minus 2 weeks

Hey Family,

So this week we have transfers on Thursday. Not sure what president is going to do with me because
 I'm going home two weeks after the regular transfer time. I could just stay here in Bramble-ton in a trio
 until you get here. But I also could just go to the mission office and be an office elder for 2 weeks which 
president mentioned already. That would be my first choice ha ha. This week we had a lesson with a guy 
named Christopher. I think he's more curious about what we believe more than about acting. But it went 
well. Other than that nothing too exciting happened. I went to my last new member fireside last night. 
Lots of my missionaries and a good amount of my companions are flying home Thursday like Elder Blanchard,
Elder Severe, and Elder Brooks-by.

I still haven't been able to hear if we can get an extra ticket for mom at the white house. I wouldn't plan 
on it though. My ward mission leader screwed the pooch and didn't read my text right when I told him how 
many were coming.. Sorry! But I am trying to get us a tour with a guy who works at the pentagon. Correction
I got tickets for tour to the pentagon. I want to see a lot of people as well. We should be
 pretty busy the whole week. I've already read the talk that mom sent me. Thanks for sending me the whole
 talk anyways ha ha. Our i pads have every talk possible you can get.

I've also been calling some of my recent converts to set up dinner times for when you get here so we can go out. 
The Clements are going to get us free tickets to Mount Vernon hopefully and said we can just do dinner the 
day we go there because they live like 5 minutes from the estate. Those tickets aren't cheap either. Probably 
saved dad at least a hundred bucks. HA HA. Well I'm excited to see everyone in not too long. Its been hard 
to stay motivated. Especially with all my auburn friends getting home. But I will do fine. If I've made it 
this long I can do another few weeks. 

Love you All,

Elder Logan Frew

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