Monday, July 25, 2016

President and Sister Huntsman & Elder Logan Frew

President and Sister Huntsman with Missionary who have completed
mission and are heading back home. 
Beautiful day at Washington DC Temple with missionaries heading home and our mission president

Brother and Sister Frew,

How excited you must be to have your son back with you tomorrow as you will be reunited in person very soon. He has served faithfully in his calling as a missionary and has brought great joy not only to President Huntsman and me, but most importantly our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He has lived his missionary purpose by "Inviting Others To Come Unto Christ".  He has been an example to the other missionaries through his service as a Zone Leader and other capacities. He has always strived to do what is right during his mission, and it has shown through his actions. He is polite in every way and has appropriate respect for his calling as a missionary, and of all others he is around.
We have felt blessed to serve with him so closely over the past year.
These photos were taken a few weeks ago at our temple trip with the departing missionaries. It was a beautiful day to spend the time together in The House Of The Lord focused on the things that are truly important to each one of us and our eternal progression.
We will greatly miss our (YOUR) Elder Frew,  but understand your joy of having him in your arms again soon. Our own son returns to us in one week from his mission, and we can hardly hang on another day.  We have understood the parent side of having a missionary serving and it has made it so our calling here in the Washington DC South Mission even more personal.

Enjoy your sweet reunion.


President and Sister Huntsman
Hey mom and dad so for tomorrow after you guys land you will need to
come down to the mission home to pick me up. I'll be having a
departing interview right before you arrive. I told president you
should be down to the mission home by 5:30ish but don't worry he's
planning on whenever you get there. Make sure you don't take a Toll
road. The address to the mission home is......

10503 Pohick Court
Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039

Save that address some where in your phone.  If you need any help
president huntsmans number is 703-994-1514... Not sure what else to
say. I still don't believe that I'm going home. Anyways today for PDay
we tried to play football but it was way too hot. So that ended quick.
Then I bought a USB and put all my photos from my iPad onto it....if
you need anymore information let me know. Otherwise I will see you
tomorrow evening. It's going to be hot again so where cool clothing
and be prepared for humidity that makes you sweat like a pig.
Love elder Logan frew

Washington DC South Mission: July 25, 2016: Last day of my 2 year mission

We had a nice dinner at the Gisseman family last night for my
last dinner of my mission. We love their family!

We had your elders over last Sunday and last night for dinner. They are so much fun and we love having them over. They shared wonderful spiritual messages with us. We are sad to see Elder Frew leave this week....we will miss him!  Thanks for sharing them with us! Love, The Gisseman Family

Monday, July 18, 2016


My last comps: Elder Taggert and Elder Taylor
Sister Gisseman
Hey Family; 
So Wednesday night we got the transfer email and found out that both elder Abney and I were going to be transferred and that they were going to put sisters in the Brambleton ward which is great. That area has had elders in it since the dawn of time and never has had any baptisms. So sisters will be a good change of pace...So elder Abney got sent to Reston, VA and I got put back in the Potomac Crossing Ward where I first started my mission off at! I was pretty excited to leave Brambleton and get sent here. So Sunday I got to see all the members and it was really great. We had dinner with Sister Gisseman who's going to hook us up with a Pentagon tour...You asked about the capitol? I will see if I can find a member that can take us through. I've done it once with a member that other missionaries knew but I'll try to see what I can do....Being back in the Potomac crossing ward is great! I'm with Elder Taggert and Elder Taylor who also just got transferred in. Elder Taggert is from Arizona and Elder Taylor is from Utah. They moved the last two elders that were here because of....Well lets just say there was a 60 inch tv in the  apartment when we showed up and the place was trashed...So we had to clean up the place and throw the T.V out......So that was pretty much our week. We did service for a lady in P.C who is really going through a tough time and stopped by people in the area book..

On Friday I went and did a session at the temple with the departing missionaries and President and Sister Huntsman. That was really good, but strange thinking that I'm going home. On the way down I was just thinking "How is it already over"? It just doesn't feel like I'm going home at all. I've had so many memories, experiences, and lessons learned that it will be hard for me to leave it all behind. But I'm also excited to be done. So after the session was done President waited outside the Celestial Room and gave all the missionaries a hug once they came out. I really love President and Sister Huntsman. I'm glad you will be able to see what great people they are. You should offer to take them out to dinner when you get here or leave them a gift card if we don't have time so they can go out...I've also been setting up dinners with recent converts assuming dad will pay the bill for them ;).Sorry this is scattered but after the temple we had dinner at the Huntsman's and then my two new companions picked me up.

(Now The Gospel According to Saint Logan)

I'm very glad that I've had the opportunity to serve a mission here in the DC South. It has changed my life and has prepared me for the life after the mission. The last few weeks I've had trouble sleeping because of all the memories that come into my head at night of the lessons I've learned, the experiences made, along with just overwhelming feelings of gratitude and love for God allowing me to come here to DC. And also for the help I received from him before my mission and during it here...I bought some melatonin though so I'm sleeping much better now haha....The mission has been the hardest two years of my life up to this point. But it was so worth it. As we go through trials and hardships our faith is increased and made stronger, if we turn to God and don't murmur asking "Why are you allowing this to happen" or "why is this not happening". Testimony can't grow without it being challenged. And my mission has made my testimony stronger for sure. I will cherish the time I've had here to preach the True Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored by the Prophets. I'm glad I don't have to deal with the nay-sayers anymore but even Christ was persecuted for teaching truth so why wouldn't those who do the same receive it as well. I haven't been a perfect missionary but I've tried my best to do Gods will for me. I still make mistakes and sin and I will do the same when I get home. But one of my strengths is being willing to take the bullet in the chest and "just repent" when I need to. I'm grateful for you mom and dad for your examples and for your faith and diligence in keeping the commandments and doing your best to teach us the gospel and other correct principles. And with 4 missionaries(5 unless beaker screws up the dynasty), 5 eagle scouts, 2 married in the temple for eternity, 1 Young women Medalion thing haha, a son in med school and 1 with a real job, and most importantly a family that is close together.... you can only see the fruit of couples that strive to live according to the gospel. I'm grateful my brothers who set the bar of serving a mission and my sister as well for being great! I strongly believe that God is real and he loves us more then we realize. That that the feelings from the spirit aren't the effects of a "frenzied mind"...After Christ and his apostles were killed very "plain yet precious" principles of his gospel were lost or changed my men who had no desire to Follow Gods will at all changed doctrines, ordinances, a teachings that Christ taught. God prepared people and places so that the fullness of his gospel could once again be giving to his sons and daughters that love him and do his will. God reached out to 14 year old boy who wasn't perfect but was striving to do know Gods will and his truth. That boy would over time would receive those truths that were lost or changed through out the rest of his life. Those who are willing enough to do Gods will can know if what I've said is true if they are willing to read the book of Mormon with an open heart and willing to change their ways. If they do this they will know by the spirit of God which come through feeling of love, joy, and peace. If they apply the teachings of the book of Mormon they will draw closer to God and have a desire to repent and live according to Christ's gospel. Christ's atonement makes it possible for us to become clean from our sins, overcome addictions and habits, change the nature of the flesh, give us the strength to go through trials and hardships, and to feel peace in a fallen world...These are some of my things I've come to know over the course of 23 months. I love you all and will see you in a week.

love Elder Logan Frew

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


T-Minus 2 weeks

Hey Family,

So this week we have transfers on Thursday. Not sure what president is going to do with me because
 I'm going home two weeks after the regular transfer time. I could just stay here in Bramble-ton in a trio
 until you get here. But I also could just go to the mission office and be an office elder for 2 weeks which 
president mentioned already. That would be my first choice ha ha. This week we had a lesson with a guy 
named Christopher. I think he's more curious about what we believe more than about acting. But it went 
well. Other than that nothing too exciting happened. I went to my last new member fireside last night. 
Lots of my missionaries and a good amount of my companions are flying home Thursday like Elder Blanchard,
Elder Severe, and Elder Brooks-by.

I still haven't been able to hear if we can get an extra ticket for mom at the white house. I wouldn't plan 
on it though. My ward mission leader screwed the pooch and didn't read my text right when I told him how 
many were coming.. Sorry! But I am trying to get us a tour with a guy who works at the pentagon. Correction
I got tickets for tour to the pentagon. I want to see a lot of people as well. We should be
 pretty busy the whole week. I've already read the talk that mom sent me. Thanks for sending me the whole
 talk anyways ha ha. Our i pads have every talk possible you can get.

I've also been calling some of my recent converts to set up dinner times for when you get here so we can go out. 
The Clements are going to get us free tickets to Mount Vernon hopefully and said we can just do dinner the 
day we go there because they live like 5 minutes from the estate. Those tickets aren't cheap either. Probably 
saved dad at least a hundred bucks. HA HA. Well I'm excited to see everyone in not too long. Its been hard 
to stay motivated. Especially with all my auburn friends getting home. But I will do fine. If I've made it 
this long I can do another few weeks. 

Love you All,

Elder Logan Frew

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 99: July 4, 2016

Hey family,
Happy Fourth of July! Thanks for the videos of the reunion. I love
getting videos of the family. I think it's so funny that mom gets the
camera out to make a video for her boys on missions and Derek and John
are like "hey stop! we're doing this right now ha ha! 
Anyways This morning we had a pancake breakfast with our ward which
was ok. The pancakes weren't all the great and there's not really any
members of the ward that were close with which kinda stinks but oh
well. Afterward we went shopping and now we have a BBQ with our zone.
Tonight we're going to watch fireworks with Sanjay in lees-burg. I also
bought a facial trimmer for 10 bucks which includes an eyebrow trimmer
accessory so my eyebrows will be on spot when I get home 😏. This week
we had a lesson with a new investigator name Douglas. We actually
tracked into him like when I first got here and he didn't seem super
promising so nothing really happened. Then we called him during weekly
planning and set up a lesson with him. Hopefully we can get him to
church this next week. Other than that nothing too exciting happened.
 Alright love you all and see you in 3 weeks. I'm trying to get us tickets to Mount Vernon
as well as a Pentagon tour possible but we will see.

Elder Logan Frew