Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 98: June 29, 2016


Hey family,

So we had a good week. On Tuesday Taco Bell gave out free Doritos
locos tacos. So we went inside and got our free taco and then went
through the drive thru to get another one. Then we went to a half Taco
Bell half KFC one and they said they weren't giving out free tacos
because it's half and half. But we still got 2 free tacos. Later that
night we went to the temple and did baptism and confirmations with our
ward. We also helped move two families this week.

Alright so here's the funny story of the week...So Friday we have
weekly planning where we are in our apartment calling people and
setting up appointments etc... and we had just got back from doing service
so we showered and I decided to just stay in my garments for weekly
planning. Anyway there comes a knock at the door and so Elder Abney
runs and puts some clothes on to open it and no one was there. So we
just kinda left it. Well about 5 mins later there is a knock at the
door again. Elder Abney again gets up a see who knocked and  it's two
maintenance people. So he answers the door and they said he needs to
do something with the water heater because the gas was turned off in
the whole building. Well Elder Abney had forgot that I was still spread out
on the couch in my garments. So  the two guys walks in and I'm just
sitting there and they say "hey" and walk out on the patio. After I
realized that two guys just saw me in my garments I walked into the
other room until they left....after they left I walked out kinda
laughing but was like "what the heck are you thinking".

We also picked up a couple of people who could potentially turn into new
investigators this week. Hopefully we can find someone that can get
baptized for when you all come out. That's what I'm trying to make

Love you all
Elder  Logan Frew

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