Monday, June 20, 2016


This is about a months worth of recycling we saved up and dumped in a missionaries apartment.
(My mom always taught us to recycle)

Happy Father's Day,
I sent dad a letter this last week. So hopefully you guys got it in
the mail already?

So my ward mission leader works at the White House for secret security
and said that he could probably get us a tour of the White House when
you guys come out. So I thought dad would be excited for that.  We
didn't teach any lessons this week. It was overall just not that
great of a week.  We sat in on a Chinese lesson  where they just watched the video
"Meet the Mormons" in mandarin for an hour. Then afterwords had Chinese food with
the bishop, he is from Taiwan. I'm already running out of stuff to talk
about because nothing really happened this week.  We had a zone
training which actually was really good and yesterday for church the
speakers did really well. We had interviews with President Huntsman.
And Sister Anderson also took us out to lunch at a restaurant in our
area this week too. I guess I will just have to do  a Dallin Penny
letter this week...hahha.  Sorry for not writhing much.

 Love you all
Love Elder Logan Frew

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