Monday, June 6, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 95: June 6, 2016

Hey family,
So this week we didn't have any lessons. But it did go by pretty quick
still. So we had transfers and Elder Abney and I are staying together
for my last full transfer. This will be 5 months together by the end of the
transfer. I was pretty excited because we get along really well and I
didn't want to get some new guy for my last transfer. Elder Blanchard
is an AP still and he saved my butt my suggesting leaving Elder Abney and I
together to President Huntsman. So that was the big stuff.

Elder Tesch goes home on Thursday. He has football camp coming up for Weber state...And elder Anderson went home already. Things are winding down here for me DC. I've had a few sleepless nights just reminiscing on all the
memories that I've had out here both good and bad. It will be hard to
leave all of this after a two year trek but it will be fun to be back
too! So today for PDay we went fishing we saw this biggest carp I've
ever seen. It was at least 3ft long. I tried snagging it for about an
hour before switching back to my lure. The other elders were catching
little beaker fish, so I used the fish they caught and put a hook
through it and caught two nice bass using the live bait. We also
caught a really big snapping turtle. I don't have a picture of it
though. Other than that's about it.

Love you all
Elder Logan Frew

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