Friday, June 3, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 94: May 30, 2016

Hey Family; 

This week we had a lesson  with our only investigator now named Diana,
the other single mom we were teaching has been avoiding us
unfortunately. But the lesson actually went pretty well. We weren't
really expecting much out of her but she actually asked good
questions. She was an "all paths lead to heaven" the first time and
everything religion is true kind ideology. So that was good. We meet
with her this week too.  We did service a few days this week in the
afternoon. Pretty much just a regular week except for when Sunday
rolled around. We were just getting done with with 2nd hour of church
when I ran into Bahar Motley in the hallway. She is John Motley's wife
who got baptized in my first area (Potomac Crossing). I talked to her
for a little bit and she said John was in the chapel for the Ashburn
Ward sacrament service(I also was in the Ashburn Ward). I went in and
sat with him through the sacrament and talked after the service. I
hadn't seen him since I left Potomac in January of 2015. I also knew
he went less active after I left. So it was a really good day for me
to see him and doing really well in the church. I'm going to go stop
by tonight which will be good. John got into some anti-Mormon stuff after I left
along with some member of the ward making a racist comments which made him
leave for a good while. So I had a lot of joy seeing that he's doing
good and in a solid Ward that will fellowship him. Sunday night we
also went down to the Mount Vernon chapel for a New member fireside
with a less active guy in hot Ward. So Sunday was a good day for me.

Today for PDay Elder Abney and I are going into DC to see the
archives. Thursday will be transfers. So I may have a new companion.
I'm hoping we stay together for my last full transfer. that would be 3
transfers together which doesn't really happen that much.

Love you all,
Elder Logan Frew

Elder Frew ran into Fred Penney in streets of DC on Memorial day with 50,000 people coming out of same restroom! 

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