Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 98: June 29, 2016


Hey family,

So we had a good week. On Tuesday Taco Bell gave out free Doritos
locos tacos. So we went inside and got our free taco and then went
through the drive thru to get another one. Then we went to a half Taco
Bell half KFC one and they said they weren't giving out free tacos
because it's half and half. But we still got 2 free tacos. Later that
night we went to the temple and did baptism and confirmations with our
ward. We also helped move two families this week.

Alright so here's the funny story of the week...So Friday we have
weekly planning where we are in our apartment calling people and
setting up appointments etc... and we had just got back from doing service
so we showered and I decided to just stay in my garments for weekly
planning. Anyway there comes a knock at the door and so Elder Abney
runs and puts some clothes on to open it and no one was there. So we
just kinda left it. Well about 5 mins later there is a knock at the
door again. Elder Abney again gets up a see who knocked and  it's two
maintenance people. So he answers the door and they said he needs to
do something with the water heater because the gas was turned off in
the whole building. Well Elder Abney had forgot that I was still spread out
on the couch in my garments. So  the two guys walks in and I'm just
sitting there and they say "hey" and walk out on the patio. After I
realized that two guys just saw me in my garments I walked into the
other room until they left....after they left I walked out kinda
laughing but was like "what the heck are you thinking".

We also picked up a couple of people who could potentially turn into new
investigators this week. Hopefully we can find someone that can get
baptized for when you all come out. That's what I'm trying to make

Love you all
Elder  Logan Frew

Monday, June 20, 2016


This is about a months worth of recycling we saved up and dumped in a missionaries apartment.
(My mom always taught us to recycle)

Happy Father's Day,
I sent dad a letter this last week. So hopefully you guys got it in
the mail already?

So my ward mission leader works at the White House for secret security
and said that he could probably get us a tour of the White House when
you guys come out. So I thought dad would be excited for that.  We
didn't teach any lessons this week. It was overall just not that
great of a week.  We sat in on a Chinese lesson  where they just watched the video
"Meet the Mormons" in mandarin for an hour. Then afterwords had Chinese food with
the bishop, he is from Taiwan. I'm already running out of stuff to talk
about because nothing really happened this week.  We had a zone
training which actually was really good and yesterday for church the
speakers did really well. We had interviews with President Huntsman.
And Sister Anderson also took us out to lunch at a restaurant in our
area this week too. I guess I will just have to do  a Dallin Penny
letter this week...hahha.  Sorry for not writhing much.

 Love you all
Love Elder Logan Frew

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Hey Family

So this week we went on an exchanges Tuesday with the zone leaders
which was good. Elder Sanders came out with me and Elder Snow went to
Del Oro and is really cool. So we did that. Then Wednesday we had a
lesson with Diana. We brought our ward mission leader who is a convert
and taught the plan of salvation. It went really well. The only
problem is that she's moving on June 27th to the Ashburn Ward so we
will have to pass her off. But other than that nothing too exciting

This week we have interviews with President Huntsman, zone training,
and few other things. Yesterday Elder Abney and I spoke in church along
with a couple who are leaving to be mission presidents in Brazil. It
went well. I may be able to send you the talk because the bishop
recorded it to send to a family who couldn't make it to sacrament.

So Grandpa Dale passed away I guess. That's sad and super heart breaking.
We are going to have to find someone else who can say "Hey watch it" now.

 Well I don't have too much else to write about.

Elder Tesch went home on Thursday which is pretty weird. He's starting
football camp for Weber state.

Love you all
Elder Logan Frew

Monday, June 6, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 95: June 6, 2016

Hey family,
So this week we didn't have any lessons. But it did go by pretty quick
still. So we had transfers and Elder Abney and I are staying together
for my last full transfer. This will be 5 months together by the end of the
transfer. I was pretty excited because we get along really well and I
didn't want to get some new guy for my last transfer. Elder Blanchard
is an AP still and he saved my butt my suggesting leaving Elder Abney and I
together to President Huntsman. So that was the big stuff.

Elder Tesch goes home on Thursday. He has football camp coming up for Weber state...And elder Anderson went home already. Things are winding down here for me DC. I've had a few sleepless nights just reminiscing on all the
memories that I've had out here both good and bad. It will be hard to
leave all of this after a two year trek but it will be fun to be back
too! So today for PDay we went fishing we saw this biggest carp I've
ever seen. It was at least 3ft long. I tried snagging it for about an
hour before switching back to my lure. The other elders were catching
little beaker fish, so I used the fish they caught and put a hook
through it and caught two nice bass using the live bait. We also
caught a really big snapping turtle. I don't have a picture of it
though. Other than that's about it.

Love you all
Elder Logan Frew

Friday, June 3, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 94: May 30, 2016

Hey Family; 

This week we had a lesson  with our only investigator now named Diana,
the other single mom we were teaching has been avoiding us
unfortunately. But the lesson actually went pretty well. We weren't
really expecting much out of her but she actually asked good
questions. She was an "all paths lead to heaven" the first time and
everything religion is true kind ideology. So that was good. We meet
with her this week too.  We did service a few days this week in the
afternoon. Pretty much just a regular week except for when Sunday
rolled around. We were just getting done with with 2nd hour of church
when I ran into Bahar Motley in the hallway. She is John Motley's wife
who got baptized in my first area (Potomac Crossing). I talked to her
for a little bit and she said John was in the chapel for the Ashburn
Ward sacrament service(I also was in the Ashburn Ward). I went in and
sat with him through the sacrament and talked after the service. I
hadn't seen him since I left Potomac in January of 2015. I also knew
he went less active after I left. So it was a really good day for me
to see him and doing really well in the church. I'm going to go stop
by tonight which will be good. John got into some anti-Mormon stuff after I left
along with some member of the ward making a racist comments which made him
leave for a good while. So I had a lot of joy seeing that he's doing
good and in a solid Ward that will fellowship him. Sunday night we
also went down to the Mount Vernon chapel for a New member fireside
with a less active guy in hot Ward. So Sunday was a good day for me.

Today for PDay Elder Abney and I are going into DC to see the
archives. Thursday will be transfers. So I may have a new companion.
I'm hoping we stay together for my last full transfer. that would be 3
transfers together which doesn't really happen that much.

Love you all,
Elder Logan Frew

Elder Frew ran into Fred Penney in streets of DC on Memorial day with 50,000 people coming out of same restroom!