Sunday, May 1, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 89: April 25, 2016

Hey family,

This last week we found in the words of dad the "honey spot". We got 2 new investigators and a lot of potentials from this one area of town homes. Literally everydoor was somewhat interested unless they were from the middle east or Indian. A lot of people from Africa lived in this complex. Places like Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Togos, Etc. Pretty much all foreigners answered. The two white people who did answer were single moms. We ended up teaching both of them and they became our new investigators this week. 

We are meeting with one on Tuesday and the other Saturday. This week im also going back to Burke to see someone I knew there get baptized which will be good. His names Warren Cheek. He isn't a member but would always take Elder Burleson and I golfing and fishing on pdays. When I was there I wasn't sure if he would ever join. He seemed like the type that would never join. Really nice guy. So it will be good to see the fruits of my labors in Burke. That was by far my least favorite area that I've served in. While I was there I didn't have one investigator at church the whole time. So that should be good. Looking forward to skyping with everyone in a few weeks. Congrats to Ryanfor his graduation from college BYU.


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