Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 93: May 23, 2016


So so mom is probably eagerly waiting to hear why I was in the ER...
Well folks I decided it was TMI, and he's fine now and on antibiotics. 
Thank you for your prayers! 

To top off the disappointing week we tracked it into a pretty good
looking girl who gave us a return appointment for Saturday except when
we showed up she wasn't there and she wasn't there in the afternoon
either and she also didn't answer her phone. But we also had some good
news picking up two new investigators. 

Today for PDay. We went shopping at sports authority which at 60% off the entire store.

Love you all,
Elder Frew


Monday, May 16, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 92: May 16,2016

Hey family,

Well this week we found out that one of our investigators is moving to
South Carolina. This week we also stopped by Elliot and his mom opened
the door and said not to come back. He was actually interested in
learning which sucks. So we lost two of out 3 investigators. We were
able to meet with Lenora either this week because she was busy when we
dropped by Saturday we had 3 lessons set up with members and all
three fell through. So we  didn't have the best week. We did have zone
conference along with a zone training which was actually really good.
President Huntsman talked on how finding is all about your faith.
Other than that nothing too exciting. I got a haircut last week from Elder
Tesch and played ball. Nothing too exciting this week. 

Love you all
Elder Logan Frew

Monday, May 9, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 91: May 9, 2016

Hey family,

It was good to talk with everyone yesterday for the last time. So we had a lesson Saturday with a our investigator with 3 little kids all under 6. The member saved 
that came with us saved us by distracting the kid so we could talk with the mom. 
It was hard to teach with the kids being brats but it would have been way worse if we didn't have our member there. Other than that not much happened. 

We went on exchange with another set of elders which was OK. I'm not really a big fan of
going on exchanges unless it's with a buddy. This next week we have zone conference and zone training. This last week we also met with a part member family. Nothing too exciting to report on. 

Love you all.
Elder Frew

(PS. I gave the little kid my iPad to play with so he'd be quite but he
got into my photo and a took a bunch of photos, hahhaha)

And I had a surprise visit  this week from The Loveland Family 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 90: May 1, 2016

Hey family,

So I will just try and Skype when Daniels doing his which is 7pm East coast time. Are we going to do a google hangout? If so I let me know so I can make an arrangement to Skype at a members rather than just use my IPad. 
(FYI friends, our missionaries get to call home twice a year Christmas and Mothers Day for one hour)

So this week was a pretty good one for us. We were able to have a lesson with our investigator Elliot from the Congo. We read the book of Mormon with him and answered some questions. He said that he would come to church next week which is really good. 

We were not however, able to have a lesson with Lenora or Cat our single moms. Hopefully we can this next week...On Tuesday night we went to a girl from Ethiopia who said we could come back. We started teaching the restroration and as soon as we got to the 1st vision she said "She didn't want to learn any more". My companion and I were super confused. We were using a pamphlet with a picture of God and Christ appearing to Joseph Smith. When she saw the picture she said "that ok I don't need to hear anymore". We were thinking she didn't agree with the Godhood or something. Anyways there was a little bit of a language barrier so we just said ok and left. Elder Abney and I were pretty puzzled afterwards.

 Anyways. Saturday morning we drove down to Burke for Warren Cheeks baptism. His wife's a member of the Burke ward but he never was super interested in God. When Elder Burleson and I were there he did take us golfing, fishing, and out to eat on pdays despite not being super interested in joining our discussion that we had with his wife. We would usually read scriptures with her weekly and he would say hello for a few minutes and go back to his own business. In his talk he said one day he had a "revelation sitting at his desk one morning that there was a God". Anyways so he got baptized and it was super great. All baptisms are big but his was bigger than others. He's someone that will come in and immediately contribute to the church. He's also 60 which is cool. Most people his age are set in their ways. It was also good to see a big piece of fruit from my labors in Burke. As you know I didn't like burke. It was hot, we had a big area on bike during the summer months, and I never saw any success. In fact the whole area I never had an investigator at church and didn't really have any real investigators. just people that we would stop by. So knowing that I did something while I was there felt pretty rewarding. It was also really good to see all the members who were in the burke ward. So that's about all. 

Today for pday were going to the mission home with our zone for a BBQ. I look forward to skyping everyone for the last time on my mission. Love you all, Logan. 

Pray for Elliot, Cat, and Lenora

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 89: April 25, 2016

Hey family,

This last week we found in the words of dad the "honey spot". We got 2 new investigators and a lot of potentials from this one area of town homes. Literally everydoor was somewhat interested unless they were from the middle east or Indian. A lot of people from Africa lived in this complex. Places like Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Togos, Etc. Pretty much all foreigners answered. The two white people who did answer were single moms. We ended up teaching both of them and they became our new investigators this week. 

We are meeting with one on Tuesday and the other Saturday. This week im also going back to Burke to see someone I knew there get baptized which will be good. His names Warren Cheek. He isn't a member but would always take Elder Burleson and I golfing and fishing on pdays. When I was there I wasn't sure if he would ever join. He seemed like the type that would never join. Really nice guy. So it will be good to see the fruits of my labors in Burke. That was by far my least favorite area that I've served in. While I was there I didn't have one investigator at church the whole time. So that should be good. Looking forward to skyping with everyone in a few weeks. Congrats to Ryanfor his graduation from college BYU.