Monday, April 18, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 88: April 18, 2016

Elder Frew to the BUNNY RESCUE!
Hey family,

This week was a good week for us. On Tuesday we taught a lesson to a
family who's recently had their dad die. They've got some young kids
too and he wasn't old at all. So we taught the restoration. We're just
going to have lessons with them weekly. They are all members but it
was good to just help this family out who's kinda gotten the shaft
recently. Then toward the end of the week we did 3 days of service in
the afternoons which was a nice change of pace. While I was pulling
weeds I saw something move in a hole in the garden that we were
re-doing. I looked in and saw four little baby rabbits. So I got a box
and took them home since we had to destroy there home anyways. Then
after a few days when I realized they were too young to eat the old
carrots I gave them, and I decided to go put them back.

 Then on Saturday we had a youth conference where all the priests and laurels 
(youth ages: 14-16 both boys and girls) went out with the elders and sisters. 

We had lots of people in our area working which was good. We got like 9 potentials
investigators just from me and the two priests who came out with me. 
So hopefully we see something good come from that finding. 

We also had our first lesson this transfer.
And it's the last week of a 7 week transfer. The guys name Is Elliot
from the Congo. We taught the restoration of the Priesthood  and 
he said we could come back next week.  So overall we had a  pretty good week.
 This morning I got permission to register for college and got most of my
classes I needed. However for some reason it wouldn't let me get English
because it needed some department clearance. But  don't worry I
emailed my counselor and told her. And English should be pretty easy
to get a class for. I'm taking:

English intro to writing
US economic history....
physical science
 humanities through the arts
And American music

I have to be in Utah on August 18th for a "jump start meeting" in order
to keep my classes that I've registered for.

Also last night we were about to go tracking for the Night when I
got a call from Elder Bunn my old companion and said that John Afroilan ( A man
Logan was able to baptize some months ago)  was
speaking at a fireside in 40 mins in Arlington. We immediately put
suits on and took a toll road down towards Arlington. We walked in the
chapel right when he started speaking. It was a really good fireside.
He had a good testimony and it was one of those days that you love
being a missionary.

 Love you all
Elder  Logan Frew

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