Thursday, April 14, 2016

Washington DC South MIssion: Week 87: April 11, 2016

I'm not just a fisher of Fish,....following the example of Apostles being FISHERS  of  MEN! 

This morning for pday I went fishing and caught 2 nice little bass. Good way to start the week off. But this last week we had some good stuff happen. We found a girl from Ghana and her brother or maybe boyfriend. She invited us right in because it was cold as all get how this last week. She said we could come back next weekend. Ghana people are always super receptive. Only there's  a little bit of a language barrier so that may bring up an issue. 

We also stopped by and set up a time to come teach a part member family in our ward. They were super nice. He's not active. He came home from the mtc and that was kind of the start. She was raised Baptist but hasn't followed since a kid. So that was good. This will be our first real lesson since I've been in this area which will be great. This next weeks we have zone training and a youth conference where two priests (young men ages 16-18 years of age in the church which hold the office of Priest is what Logan is referring to) come and do a few hours of missionary work with us to see what a mission is like. We have a lesson set up for them, so hopefully it goes through. 

I did get your package this week too with the opened plant protein. My guess is that mom bought the protein and gave it to beaker. Beaker tasted some and didn't like the taste so they sent it to me. ha ha Thanks! I've never had plant protein before.

Well we don't have too much time today. Were going to play some baseball and soccer. Last week for pday we did the same thing and I had the game of my life for soccer. I stink at soccer and we actually were playing with 2 kids that play college soccer and I scored 4 goals! I was on fire.

Well love you all.
love Logan

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