Monday, April 4, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 86: April 4, 2016

Hey family, 

So conference was good this weekend. We watched all the
Saturday sessions at the church including priesthood. I pretty much
didn't get too much from the first two sessions because I didn't
prepare myself for the messages. But made sure I was ready for the
priesthood session. I really liked Elder Nelson's talk along with Elder
Uchtdorf's talk...but during priesthood there was a few funny  things
that happened. So my friend Elder Hild(Robbie) who went to BYU with me
walked in like 15 late minutes to priesthood with a cookie in one hand
and a water bottle in the other so everyone looking at him. Then he
comes to my bench which was the very last middle pew and steps over
the seat while his companion walks around. Ha ha it didn't even phase him
that he just stepped over a pew in front of the stake priesthood. And
a few other things.

Yesterday we watched the morning conference at our bishops house. He
has three smaller kids and it was really funny to see how quickly they
got bored with conference. It hadn't even been the 1st speaker yet and
they were already horse playing under the blanket. It made me think of
how bored we used to get when we were little and you guys made us watch
conference. We'd would usually just play monopoly or Risk upstairs  and
play around while usually mom and dad and maybe on a good year Karli
would be downstairs watching conference.

Not much else happened this week. Still looking for people to teach
and what not. I had my endure to the end meeting where president talks
to the missionaries who have just a few transfers left which was good for me.
Love you all,


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