Monday, March 21, 2016

Washington DC South: Week 84: March 21, 2016


Hey family,
So it's actually been pretty nice here temperature wise until Saturday when I got really cold. Earlier in the week it had been in the mid 70s which isn't usual for this time of year. We only have one investigator named Tre who's wife is a member and who's coming back to church after being inactive since college. We did also had 3 other sets of elders come help us find some people this Saturday so we have a few potentials investigators we are going to try and go by and visit. You asked if I was a zone leader still. No I'm not anything right now which is really nice. I hope I can just fly under the radar for the next little bit of my mission so I don't have to train. I haven't seen anything on my application for the scholarship yet. But they are now switching portals from uv my UVU.Edu...The password and stuff is the same for uv link its just a new portal. So you should start using that now. My counselor said I'm good to register on the 18th for the following classes ENGL 1010, History, Physical Science and Fine Arts. So that's not too far away. Dad, keep looking for a truck for me to buy when I get home too.

So this week week we had interviews with President Huntsman which was really good. I also talked with him a little more a few days later in his office. Sunday I taught third hour to the priests and laurels in our ward. It went pretty well. Other than that we saw some members this week and less actives. And tried to find more people for us to teach. Nothing too exciting this week. I wasn't able to see the videos of Ofelia walking. You have to send the video from an ipad or something. I can't see it if there's a link to somewhere because everything is blocked.

love Logan

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