Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 85: March 28, 2016

I love this kid, Cuttest little fellow and so funny too! 
Our tour of the Washington DC Capital building

My Mission Zone

Hey family,
So this week we had a few appointments set up with people that we
found tracking, but they pretty much all fell though. Although last
night we got in with a less active member who's now a practicing
Presbyterian. He was a really nice guy. He talked with us for a good half
hour or so telling us about himself and what not. We asked if we could
come back and teach both he and his wife and he said that was fine.
His wife is not a member either. But other than not much happened.

 We didn't meet with Tre this week. The area I'm in is really slow. We
also did service for a guy who lives in a different area and is not a
member  with a few other elders from our zone. That was pretty
fun. We aerated his lawn and then lay ed  grass seed and compost. 

There was a pretty funny story that happened too. So there's
this new missionary who's been out like 1 or 2 transfers who's a huge
brown noser. He always tries to get attention and we're laying the compost
 down when he gets a great idea to instead of shovel it out of the wheel barrel 
like everyone else to use the lawn mower that had a a dump truck kinda
attachment to the back. 

So as someone is driving he was planning to  dump it out
evenly onto the lawn. What do you know, he dumped like all of it out
and fricked it all up ha ha. Then the guy who's not a member got ticked off
at him hahah. 

Today for PDay were going into DC to see the cherry
blossoms. Our Easter dinner canceled on us so we
went to another family that offered to feed us. 

Well hopefully this week we see something happen. I'm excited for general
conference this weekend.

Love you all,

Hi Family, 
We just had a Washington DC Capitol tour this morning and literally as soon as we left the Capital building
someone went in and shot up the visitor center. One cop was injured we dodged a bullet this time.
(It should be on the news tomorrow, and it was!)

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