Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 82: March 7, 2016

My new companion: Elder Abney, Arizona and of course ME!
John and Elder Frew
Baptism of John Afroilan YSA Branch

My new address is:
22480 Dierdre Square apt.# 205
Ashburn VA 20148

Hey everyone,
So to start off this week we had transfers. And even though I've only
been in Braddock YSA for 6weeks I got transferred back to the Ashburn
zone ha ha. I'm now in the Brambleton Ward. I guess I was just meant to
be with the "Rich and Famous". This will be my 3rd area in the Loudon
county area. But it's good. We seem to have a really great Ward here.
Yesterday during testimony meeting a lady bore her testimony who's
been inactive since college. She hadn't been to church since her days
in high school. She couldn't even remember if her family had been
sealed. She always thought that she was sealed in the Salt Lake temple
because her family would stop and take pictures all the time. I think
they lived in Utah too. Anyways so just as lots of inactive stories
go... She married a non-member and just kind lived on her own without
the church. She did however go to the temple lights at the DC temple
with her husband and the husband felt like he should go talk to the
sister missionaries there. The wife came and joined and asked if they
could find out where they parents were sealed. They looked it up and
it just so happened that her parents were sealed in the DC temple! She
didn't even know. The missionaries then started coming over and
yesterday she gave a great testimony for her first time ever even
though she had been a member for a while. Her husband Tre is one of
our investigators. He's decided to be baptized sometime in the next
couple of months. The previous missionary here didn't really do squat! 

My new companion here is named Elder Abney from Arizona.
 He's really cool. He's been out for 7months.

So Saturday we drove down to Burke where John Afroilan got baptized by
the bishop of the YSA Ward there. President and Sister Huntsman came
which was cool.(The Huntsman's are Logan's Mission President and wife).
It was good. John didn't have much support at all from
his family. He was kinda bummed about that. But it was still good. He
bore his testimony at the end of the meeting and talked about how he
considered ending his life about 4 years ago. Except he kept having a
voice saying "push on just another day". This voice ended up leading
him to be baptized...

Lastly I told a lady they dad served in Oklahoma. She asked if you
ever served in the Joplin Stake or Monet Ward?

Got to go now, Love you, 

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