Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 85: March 28, 2016

I love this kid, Cuttest little fellow and so funny too! 
Our tour of the Washington DC Capital building

My Mission Zone

Hey family,
So this week we had a few appointments set up with people that we
found tracking, but they pretty much all fell though. Although last
night we got in with a less active member who's now a practicing
Presbyterian. He was a really nice guy. He talked with us for a good half
hour or so telling us about himself and what not. We asked if we could
come back and teach both he and his wife and he said that was fine.
His wife is not a member either. But other than not much happened.

 We didn't meet with Tre this week. The area I'm in is really slow. We
also did service for a guy who lives in a different area and is not a
member  with a few other elders from our zone. That was pretty
fun. We aerated his lawn and then lay ed  grass seed and compost. 

There was a pretty funny story that happened too. So there's
this new missionary who's been out like 1 or 2 transfers who's a huge
brown noser. He always tries to get attention and we're laying the compost
 down when he gets a great idea to instead of shovel it out of the wheel barrel 
like everyone else to use the lawn mower that had a a dump truck kinda
attachment to the back. 

So as someone is driving he was planning to  dump it out
evenly onto the lawn. What do you know, he dumped like all of it out
and fricked it all up ha ha. Then the guy who's not a member got ticked off
at him hahah. 

Today for PDay were going into DC to see the cherry
blossoms. Our Easter dinner canceled on us so we
went to another family that offered to feed us. 

Well hopefully this week we see something happen. I'm excited for general
conference this weekend.

Love you all,

Hi Family, 
We just had a Washington DC Capitol tour this morning and literally as soon as we left the Capital building
someone went in and shot up the visitor center. One cop was injured we dodged a bullet this time.
(It should be on the news tomorrow, and it was!)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Washington DC South: Week 84: March 21, 2016


Hey family,
So it's actually been pretty nice here temperature wise until Saturday when I got really cold. Earlier in the week it had been in the mid 70s which isn't usual for this time of year. We only have one investigator named Tre who's wife is a member and who's coming back to church after being inactive since college. We did also had 3 other sets of elders come help us find some people this Saturday so we have a few potentials investigators we are going to try and go by and visit. You asked if I was a zone leader still. No I'm not anything right now which is really nice. I hope I can just fly under the radar for the next little bit of my mission so I don't have to train. I haven't seen anything on my application for the scholarship yet. But they are now switching portals from uv link...to my UVU.Edu...The password and stuff is the same for uv link its just a new portal. So you should start using that now. My counselor said I'm good to register on the 18th for the following classes ENGL 1010, History, Physical Science and Fine Arts. So that's not too far away. Dad, keep looking for a truck for me to buy when I get home too.

So this week week we had interviews with President Huntsman which was really good. I also talked with him a little more a few days later in his office. Sunday I taught third hour to the priests and laurels in our ward. It went pretty well. Other than that we saw some members this week and less actives. And tried to find more people for us to teach. Nothing too exciting this week. I wasn't able to see the videos of Ofelia walking. You have to send the video from an ipad or something. I can't see it if there's a link to somewhere because everything is blocked.

love Logan

Monday, March 14, 2016


Dear Family, 

*I think the best place to stay when you come out would probably be in Burke area. Its about halfway point in the mission. So it would be most convenient for going to DC and seeing all my families.

So this week was pretty slow. We only have one investigator who is in a part member family. His names TRE. We haven't even met with him yet though because he super busy. We haven't taught a lesson yet since Ive been here either. I really wish I would have stayed in the Braddock ward. My whole mission has been slow slow slow. So I guess I should be used to it though. We went on exchange this week with the district leader in Tall Cedars. Pretty much just walked around the whole day and got nothing accomplished. This week we have zone training, interviews, and a lunch set up with sister Anderson from Potomac Crossing. Sorry not much happened this weekend.

Where is Rick and Peggy going on there mission at? tell dad to be looking around for a truck for me to buy when I get home. 

love you all,

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 82: March 7, 2016

My new companion: Elder Abney, Arizona and of course ME!
John and Elder Frew
Baptism of John Afroilan YSA Branch

My new address is:
22480 Dierdre Square apt.# 205
Ashburn VA 20148

Hey everyone,
So to start off this week we had transfers. And even though I've only
been in Braddock YSA for 6weeks I got transferred back to the Ashburn
zone ha ha. I'm now in the Brambleton Ward. I guess I was just meant to
be with the "Rich and Famous". This will be my 3rd area in the Loudon
county area. But it's good. We seem to have a really great Ward here.
Yesterday during testimony meeting a lady bore her testimony who's
been inactive since college. She hadn't been to church since her days
in high school. She couldn't even remember if her family had been
sealed. She always thought that she was sealed in the Salt Lake temple
because her family would stop and take pictures all the time. I think
they lived in Utah too. Anyways so just as lots of inactive stories
go... She married a non-member and just kind lived on her own without
the church. She did however go to the temple lights at the DC temple
with her husband and the husband felt like he should go talk to the
sister missionaries there. The wife came and joined and asked if they
could find out where they parents were sealed. They looked it up and
it just so happened that her parents were sealed in the DC temple! She
didn't even know. The missionaries then started coming over and
yesterday she gave a great testimony for her first time ever even
though she had been a member for a while. Her husband Tre is one of
our investigators. He's decided to be baptized sometime in the next
couple of months. The previous missionary here didn't really do squat! 

My new companion here is named Elder Abney from Arizona.
 He's really cool. He's been out for 7months.

So Saturday we drove down to Burke where John Afroilan got baptized by
the bishop of the YSA Ward there. President and Sister Huntsman came
which was cool.(The Huntsman's are Logan's Mission President and wife).
It was good. John didn't have much support at all from
his family. He was kinda bummed about that. But it was still good. He
bore his testimony at the end of the meeting and talked about how he
considered ending his life about 4 years ago. Except he kept having a
voice saying "push on just another day". This voice ended up leading
him to be baptized...

Lastly I told a lady they dad served in Oklahoma. She asked if you
ever served in the Joplin Stake or Monet Ward?

Got to go now, Love you, 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 81: February 29,2016

Dear Family; 

So I will tell you my week first before going into all of the stuff for college and after. So yesterday at church we got John his baptism suit and he also passed his interview. He doing good and is ready for his baptism this Saturday. We are having dinner with him on Tuesday and probably meeting again Friday just so were around him a lot before the baptism. We also went to the family history center and learned how to use it with our investigators. It actually was really cool. I found out that we had relatives that live here in the Maryland and Virginia area. I hadn't really looked at all of our family history but it was cool to see where all of out descendants came from. Other than that it was a pretty normal week. Last night we went to a new member fireside which was really cool. A black guy named Abram talked about his conversion. He was a Baptist, Pentecostal, and Methodist minister. Grew up believing that Mormons were a cult and blaw blaw blaw. The first time he met elders he bashed with them. Then he said God told him that one day he would join the church. He didn't know when but it was sometime in the future.... Just about twenty years later he's at the Lees burg library and two elders who were in my zone at the time came and talked to him as he was leaving...Before they could say anything he said "Guys I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the book of Mormon is the word of God". He said he already knew. A few weeks later he was baptized. During his testimony he literally went off on how the book of Mormon was a more accurate testament of Jesus Christ and pretty much everything that missionaries say to bible bashers when tracking or whatever. I was sitting in my seat with my jaw literally on the floor thinking "Is this real". I've  bashed with  many people on my mission just like this Abram guy. And it put a sense of satisfaction knowing that my bible bashing may have been of some good ha ha. I didn't think there were people like that out there. Abram also talked about how he was blind in ignorance toward the Book of Mormon just because the way other so called "Christians" use the bible. He also said towards the end "Don't listen to those silly "Christian people" who say this and that about Joseph Smith". That was pretty cool too... anyways Abram was a cool dude.

My release date is July 27th. So call the mission office to make arrangements mom. 

* Transfers are also this week and word on the street(or office elders) is that I'm going to get transferred, I will let you know if I do. Not much sense complaing about it. I set a goal to stop complainingg.

Love you all. I'm doing good. I'm kinda scarred to leave here. As much as I'm ready to go home in a little bit I'm also sad knowing I don't have much longer. But life goes on. I love you all a lot. And can't wait to see you in July.

I was thinking maybe DAD and Beaker and I could go tracking just for kicks. It might be a cool experience.

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