Monday, February 22, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 80- February 22, 1016

Mt Vernon

Over look at Mount Vernon

Hey family,

So I found out that I didn't get into BYU on my 18th month mark which put a damper on my whole day. I was pretty disappointed. I felt like I deserved to get into after all my service here without much success. I started thinking of all the times I felt like God  let me down. And I started to think why should I give any more service? I was on exchange with Elder Brady who came out with me. We talked about how God knows better than us about what we need. Still that night I wasn't satisfied. So that night I didn't pray (which was wrong). And I was bitter for a day or so.

Now I know what your thinking right now. Dad is probably thinking in his own words "stop your complaining". I've repented so you don't have to worry. I've realize that blaming God for things that happen to you or feeling like he let you down is a nice way to lay a foundation to apostatize. Many, many, many, times in my life, I've refused to do things that I'm supposed to do or did things I'm not suppose to do because I felt like God let me down. This way of thinking is wrong and is an attitude that needs to be changed on my part. So I'm not mad anymore but I'm still not sure what to do.

I called Sanjay the other night and let him know I didn't get accepted to BYU, and he talked to me for a good while about it and made me feel a lot better. Sanjay is such a great guy. Anyways we talked awhile about that but for the other half he mentioned something else that I've never even considered before. I've lived in Virginia for almost two years so I would be eligible for in state tuition for all Virginia schools. There are a lot of great schools out here. So I've been thinking that going to school out here could be an option for me. So I need to start the applications for UVU and Utah state immediately because the deadlines are coming up. And BYU Idaho deadlines are past already anyways. I've looked UVU online and I would qualify for an in-state tuition waiver because of my grades.

Anyways so John Afrolia came to Church again. He's ready to be baptized on March 5th. I'm not sure if I told you that already. He's super great and super, super prepared. This will be my first baptism in a little under a year. Today for pday Elder Brady and I are going to Mount Vernon Estate and then eating dinner with the Clements.

So to conclude on a spiritual thought. Always repent. Repenting is great. Confess if you need to confess and change if you need to change. Gods has a plan specific to your life. You just need to be willing to accept what it is. Even if it's not what you had in mind. Hard things happen, either you turn to God or turn you away from God. But either way your going to have hard things happen to you. So you might as well give into God.

Elder Frew

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