Monday, February 22, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 80- February 22, 1016

Mt Vernon

Over look at Mount Vernon

Hey family,

So I found out that I didn't get into BYU on my 18th month mark which put a damper on my whole day. I was pretty disappointed. I felt like I deserved to get into after all my service here without much success. I started thinking of all the times I felt like God  let me down. And I started to think why should I give any more service? I was on exchange with Elder Brady who came out with me. We talked about how God knows better than us about what we need. Still that night I wasn't satisfied. So that night I didn't pray (which was wrong). And I was bitter for a day or so.

Now I know what your thinking right now. Dad is probably thinking in his own words "stop your complaining". I've repented so you don't have to worry. I've realize that blaming God for things that happen to you or feeling like he let you down is a nice way to lay a foundation to apostatize. Many, many, many, times in my life, I've refused to do things that I'm supposed to do or did things I'm not suppose to do because I felt like God let me down. This way of thinking is wrong and is an attitude that needs to be changed on my part. So I'm not mad anymore but I'm still not sure what to do.

I called Sanjay the other night and let him know I didn't get accepted to BYU, and he talked to me for a good while about it and made me feel a lot better. Sanjay is such a great guy. Anyways we talked awhile about that but for the other half he mentioned something else that I've never even considered before. I've lived in Virginia for almost two years so I would be eligible for in state tuition for all Virginia schools. There are a lot of great schools out here. So I've been thinking that going to school out here could be an option for me. So I need to start the applications for UVU and Utah state immediately because the deadlines are coming up. And BYU Idaho deadlines are past already anyways. I've looked UVU online and I would qualify for an in-state tuition waiver because of my grades.

Anyways so John Afrolia came to Church again. He's ready to be baptized on March 5th. I'm not sure if I told you that already. He's super great and super, super prepared. This will be my first baptism in a little under a year. Today for pday Elder Brady and I are going to Mount Vernon Estate and then eating dinner with the Clements.

So to conclude on a spiritual thought. Always repent. Repenting is great. Confess if you need to confess and change if you need to change. Gods has a plan specific to your life. You just need to be willing to accept what it is. Even if it's not what you had in mind. Hard things happen, either you turn to God or turn you away from God. But either way your going to have hard things happen to you. So you might as well give into God.

Elder Frew

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Hey family,

 So it snowed again here last night so president sent out a no driving text which is
fine, but along with it said that it was still Pday. Usually were allowed to move pdays
 to another day but they didn't want to do that this time. So for pday we sat in our
 apartment and played a game of monopoly. 

On the lighter side. Our week was pretty normal. We taught 5 lessons
to investigators which is really good. We went to an addiction
recovery class which one of our investigators which was really cool
and an eye opener to me at the same time. We went to the Cheesecake
Factory with a senior couple in our Ward. Stake Conference was this
weekend and we got a new stake presidency. After stake conference we
had a dinner with the Quigleys who are in the Burke Ward.   My 18th
month mark will be Saturday! Woohoo.

You've asked a few times about Elder Tesch. He is in the Oakton Ward
which isn't too far from me, but it's a different zone so we don't see
each other that much.

Love you all,
Elder Frew

Monday, February 8, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 78: February 8, 2016

Hey family,

So we had a really good week here in the Braddock Ward. On Tuesday we
met with Charlee with my old ward mission leader from Burke (Brother Green). We set up
times with her  twice during the week and for Church.

 Also this week we showed up to institute at the end of the night to see if any
non-members came. There's been a guy named John who's been coming with
a friend that was there. He asked a senior couple that's in our Ward
"who do I talk to, to join your church"? Elder Kinard the Senior elder
then had us come over and meet him. We set up a time for the next day
to meet with him and his member friend. John's now on date for March
5th to be baptized.  He came to church today along with Charlee. John only stayed for
1 hour but loved it. Charlee stayed for all three and thought our
gospel principles class sucked ha ha. Which was kinda true. But we're
meeting with him tomorrow. We've had lots of good stuff happen this
last week. Good potentials along with 2 progressing investigators who we meet with 
two times a week each. So we should have a baptism here in not too long. And all 
I can say is it's about time!

It's been almost a year since I've had a baptism. We met with a lot of
our recent converts of the Ward this week too which was good. This
probably is the busiest I've on my mission. It's so nice to always have
stuff going on. Today we went to Costco and then played football for our Pday.

We've got some good appointments set up this week.

Love Elder Frew

Monday, February 1, 2016

Washington DC South MIssion: Week 77: February 1,2016

Hey family,

We had a really good week here in the Braddock Ward. We were able to
meet with a lot of the recent converts in the Ward, set up a lot of
appointments for this coming week, and taught a lesson to a really
cool George Mason student name Wahab. He's from Afghanistan. We taught
the plan of salvation to him and he believed all of it! Except for
Jesus being the Savior. The Muslim faith has something very similar to
the plan of salvation, it even has a spirit world and a few other very
close things to ours. We also had a little lesson with a guy named
Char lee. I taught him when I was in Burke but he wasn't really interested
in meeting all the time. He agreed after meeting with him to lessons 3
times a week and to come to church. So that was really good. We have a
really busy week coming up with a lot of appointments which is good
and surprising. YSA (young single adult) wards are typically a little slower but
 we've seen a lot of good things going on. Not as much as Ashburn but still a lot.

So about the area. We cover over half the mission. And areas that
aren't even in our mission boundaries which is cool. There's a lot of
college campuses in our area that we try and street contact at. Some
these are Northern Virginia Community College, George Mason University,
and one more. We've gone a few times already and just tried to talk to
people. We cover Warren ton which is a really rural area in the mission
which is really cool.

This week we also went to our Ward for the first time because of he
blizzard. The ward is a little different I guess you could say. Well
maybe a lot different. I'm a little nervous to bring some of our
investigators but oh well. We met a guy this week at GMU who was a
referral from a girl he used to date in Los Angeles. She's at BYU
Idaho and told him that unless he joins they are breaking up. So he
went to GMU to play volleyball there and she stayed in Idaho. But we
talked with him and he seems like he could be interested. That was
cool. So you can pray for our investigators; Justin and Char lee especially.

Also.....This week at church there was this less active girl who kept
looking at me and smiling during the third hour. After the class she
went up to the sister missionaries who are also in the Ward and asked
"who's that guy in the blue tie"? The sister missionary told her I was
an Elder an probably should stay away......Darn hahah. I've been here
one week and I've already got girls flirting with me😄. Well make sure
you email me Dans letters. I didn't get your package that you sent.
Did you email it to the mission office or to my new address?

Love you all
Elder Frew