Thursday, January 28, 2016

Washington DC South Mission, Week 76: January 27, 2016

Hey family,
So this week we had transfers. I found out Tuesday that I was leaving
Ashburn and heading back to Burke my least favorite area to white wash
in the Braddock YSA Ward. It used to be the AP area but they moved it.
Nothing to exciting is going on here so we're starting from scratch
once again. I only really had time to say goodbye to Sanjay
unfortunately. Before we left we had all those lessons. Ashburn had 5
progressing investigators! And now I'm back to 0...I talked with
President Huntsman about moving me and he said he wasn't planning on
it until the last minute he felt I should leave.So I guess I'm
suppose to do something here....I've been able to see a few members
from the Burke Ward already. When the blizzard hit we walked like 3
miles in it to shovel John Greens stuff, and we also made 60 bucks
just shoveling ransom people out. We only took the money to cover the cost
of the shovel rentals.  So we're going to go out for a nice dinner
sometime this week. We live with the office elders too which is really
great. Everyone in our apartment plays sports and is really chill. My
new companions name is Elder Bunn. He is from Toole,Utah. He likes to
plays sports and is a good missionary. We've literally done nothing
since I've got here  besides hang out and shovel some snow because of the storm.
President doesn't want any missionaries driving or going too far away from the
apartment, but today it's starting to heat up. He doesn't want people
out tonight either, so it's going to be a good pday! hahaha

The day we got here in the new area a member picked us up and drove us
to his house which was 40 minutes away. He drove like a maniac in the
blizzard and I thought we were going to die. His excuse was "he's from
Idaho,He said, "I drive in this crap all the time". We also had a really
interesting dinner conversation, it's nothing like a family Ward.

The blizzard was pretty crazy. We had at least 3 feet of snow in one night.
 And the snow removal people here suck at removing snow.
 So we have a loads of snow still lying around here to shovel.

Love elder frew
Farewells to my companion and  great Families 

We had 3 feet of snow in one night. President Huntsman
gave us permission to walk and plow driveways to help people.


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