Thursday, January 28, 2016

Washington DC South Mission, Week 76: January 27, 2016

Hey family,
So this week we had transfers. I found out Tuesday that I was leaving
Ashburn and heading back to Burke my least favorite area to white wash
in the Braddock YSA Ward. It used to be the AP area but they moved it.
Nothing to exciting is going on here so we're starting from scratch
once again. I only really had time to say goodbye to Sanjay
unfortunately. Before we left we had all those lessons. Ashburn had 5
progressing investigators! And now I'm back to 0...I talked with
President Huntsman about moving me and he said he wasn't planning on
it until the last minute he felt I should leave.So I guess I'm
suppose to do something here....I've been able to see a few members
from the Burke Ward already. When the blizzard hit we walked like 3
miles in it to shovel John Greens stuff, and we also made 60 bucks
just shoveling ransom people out. We only took the money to cover the cost
of the shovel rentals.  So we're going to go out for a nice dinner
sometime this week. We live with the office elders too which is really
great. Everyone in our apartment plays sports and is really chill. My
new companions name is Elder Bunn. He is from Toole,Utah. He likes to
plays sports and is a good missionary. We've literally done nothing
since I've got here  besides hang out and shovel some snow because of the storm.
President doesn't want any missionaries driving or going too far away from the
apartment, but today it's starting to heat up. He doesn't want people
out tonight either, so it's going to be a good pday! hahaha

The day we got here in the new area a member picked us up and drove us
to his house which was 40 minutes away. He drove like a maniac in the
blizzard and I thought we were going to die. His excuse was "he's from
Idaho,He said, "I drive in this crap all the time". We also had a really
interesting dinner conversation, it's nothing like a family Ward.

The blizzard was pretty crazy. We had at least 3 feet of snow in one night.
 And the snow removal people here suck at removing snow.
 So we have a loads of snow still lying around here to shovel.

Love elder frew
Farewells to my companion and  great Families 

We had 3 feet of snow in one night. President Huntsman
gave us permission to walk and plow driveways to help people.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 74: January 18, 2016

Hi Family;

This week we has some of the most success I've had my whole my
mission. So Wednesday  I went on exchanges with Elder Jake in the
Spanish program. That morning in companion study Elder Brooksby and I made
a list of every former investigator in our area book. Then we switched
at noon. That whole day we tried people on this list and had
freakishly good luck. I swear every door we knocked on was interested.
By 5 O'clock we had six return appointments. 4 of which we have had
lessons with members there and are now new investigators. One of them
came to church this week and balled her eyes out during sacrament
meeting. There was also another non-member that a member brought who
stayed all 3 hours of the church block. She lives in Sterling so we won't teach her. I'm
pretty sure gospel doctrine scared her off though. I told our Ward
mission leader next time we bring investigators that I'm teaching the
class. But other than gospel doctrine the day was really good.... So
tomorrow we have an appointment with Meghan, Tuesday one with Rosie who
came to church and another one with a family from Egypt, Wednesday we
have Krystle, and Thursday Debbie.

 I've never had this many scheduled appointments in one week before on my mission. 
So pray for those people. This week we also went to stake correlation with all the
Bishops and Ward mission leaders. Other than that we have transfers on
Thursday. I find out if I'm leaving on Tuesday.  I'm hoping I stay another transfer
 so I can work with the people I found. 

It's a little unreal that Daniel is already leaving on his mission. I think he will really like
Atlanta. I think all the success this week probably had to do with Dan leaving this week.

Love you all

Love Logan

Monday, January 11, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 73: January 11, 2016

Hey family,

This week was pretty good, we had a lesson with our new investigator
Meghan. We found her a few weeks ago street contacting. We had a
member with us also. She grew up in Mesa, Arizona and had lots of Mormon
friends. She went to EFY and all. She has met with missionaries before.
But our first lesson with her went well and we're going back to this week.
 So that was really great.

We had MLC (Missionary Leader Conference)   this last week which was 
pretty good. We have our zone training on Tuesdays and then transfers is
 on the 21st. Not sure I'm going to leave or stay. I don't really care if I leave
 or not. It would be nice for a new area, but I like Ashburn a lot.

 Love you all,

Elder Frew

Monday, January 4, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 72: January 4, 2016

Hey family,

Christmas was really fun skyping with everyone. We had a good New
Years as well. Sister Gisseman in the Potomac Crossing Ward fed Elder
Brooksby and I on New Year's Eve. She one of my favorite members as she
always does nice things for the missionaries. After her dinner we went to
the church and watched "the best two years" and Ephraim's Rescue.  It
was a lot of fun but I'm glad the holidays are over.

 I think Dan is leaving at a good time. This Sunday the Ward had the Elders Quorum
pass the sacrament and I passed as well. It was very rewarding and
humbling to pass the sacrament. I will miss doing that every week.

Yesterday we were able to meet with Wesley for a few minutes, we didn't
get to teach him but we hadn't seen him for 2 or 3 weeks so it was great

to see him. 

This week we have a lesson on Thursday with a girl named Meghan who 
we street contacted into. And Friday is a lesson with the family who has come to
both Ward activities. So hopefully we have some luck. We haven't taught a

 lesson in 2 weeks.  

Transfers are on the 21st of this month. I'm not sure if I'm staying or leaving.
 We have MLC this week again. Which is where all the Zone leaders and sister
 training leaders get together with President Huntsman and talk about the work.

 Chancey and Davis sent me an email last week about trying to room 
together when we get back? I'm not sure when we have to do housing
 if I get in but something to look into it. 

Love you all
Elder Frew

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Washington DC South Mission: Week 71: December 28, 2015

Well not too much has happened since we skyped on christmas. We are going to probably teach a family that was given to us by a member this week. Today for pday we did a little bit of yoga with sanjay which felt super nice and then got a haircut. We have new years eve this week which means we probably will get to watch a movie with our zone.

Chancey emailed davis and myself about figuring out what were doing for housing for college. I dont know if their parents have said anything about that yet? it was fun to skype with everyone. Mothers day is just around the corner.

Love elder frew