Thursday, December 3, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 67: November 30, 2015

Hey family,

Things actually went really good for us here in the Ashburn Ward this
week. After having taught zero lessons last week and not really having
anyone to work with we had a lot happen in just the last few
days. We were able to pick up a single guy named Wesley who played
football at Bowie state and is super excited, a single mom and her 3
triplets that are in high school(from Puerto Rico), and we also had
dinner with a  family in our Ward who invited a non-member family over
and they said they would listen to the discussions. The work has made
a 180 degree turn here. Hopefully it won't be long before we can have
a baptism. It's been since about 9 months already since I've had one.
And we've got some good prospects to get a few.

The ward has been good about trying to help us out in our missionary
work. We've gotten referrals from them and they are always giving us
food and stuff. They really like us a lot. The missionaries before we
were here literally didn't do anything and the ward knew so it's been
good to see the ward start actually trusting us. Although we only had
one dinner for thanksgiving which was unusual considering most
elders have tons of meals on thanksgiving.

We had a super fun turkey bowl In the morning. Lots of members came
out and played, enough for two adult games and 1 kids game. We got
haircuts this week. Transfers are on December 10th.  I'm almost 100%
 positive I'm staying, but the other two guys will leave.

Looking forward to sky ping everyone on Christmas.
Love Logan

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