Thursday, December 3, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 66: November 23, 2015

Hey family,

The BYU application said I should know by February or March I'm pretty
sure. Hopefully all goes well there. I did get Uncle Dick and Aunt Melinda's

gift card too a little while back and I got my gobbler you sent me too.
 My companions are really sick of it already. (It gobbles and sings Christmas songs)

 So this week was really slow. We didn't teach any lessons.
And we did two exchanges with people in our zone.
Today for pday we went shopping and I bought a pair of slacks. Now
we're playing basketball with another zone that's close by. Transfers
are on December 10th. I will more than likely stay and my two
companions will go somewhere. We went out to eat at a sushi restaurant
 with Sanjay after we helped me put up his Christmas tree. Sorry not
much happened this week. With thanksgiving Thursday I should have a
lot more to talk about.

Love you all.

Ps I miss my siblings too

And for my package you can send some gold toe socks, miralax, jerky,
and whatever you think I would like. Just not sweets or anything

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