Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: December 21, 2015: Week 70

Hey family,
So this week we had lots of meetings. On Thursday we had interviews with President Huntsman from 830 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. When someone was with President Huntsman, Elder Brooksby and I evaluated the other companions on how well they taught the first lesson. We did get to go to lunch with President which was nice along with the AP's. On Friday we had our whole mission conference which was really good. It was sad thinking that it was my last one. Then Saturday we had our ward Christmas party where some a nonmember family came and we should be able to have a lesson soon with them. We went to see the temple lights with Sanjay this week and also went to a Christmas concert yesterday which was really good. I'm looking forward to skyping everyone in a few days. I will call sometime before to set things up.I got both packages this week. Thanks alot for the blender. Sorry i couldn't wait to open the packages.  I did save a few presents with the BYU wrapping on it though. Well. Love you all, 

Washington DC South Mission: December 14, 2015 Week 69

Elder Severe, Elder Anderson and Sanjay 

Hey family,

So Wednesday night we went over to Sanjays so Elder Severe and Elder Anderson could say goodbye before they got transferred. We ended up going to the cheesecake factory and getting some desert for their going away present. Then we came back Sanjay gave us all presents. Elder Severe got a shirt, Elder Anderson a watch, and I got a really nice pair of brown dress shoes. Anyways then Thursday was transfers. Elder Severe and Elder Anderson are still companions but are just in a new area. This will be their third transfer together. 

My new companion is Elder Brooksby from Cache Valley Utah. So this week we have a lot of good stuff going on. We have interviews, our ward Christmas party, our whole mission conference, and a Christmas concert. I'm glad we've got so much going on because I really miss the family and my old companions. So I'm really excited to skype everyone.

If you haven.t sent a package yet, i could use some miralax along with some gold toe socks, and just one merona long sleeve shirt(just one that's all)... For Christmas eve Sister Anderson in the Potomac crossing ward is going to have me over again so it will be back to back years having Christmas eve at her house which I'm really excited for. They had a wonderful feast last year with pretty much anything you could think of. It will be great.

Our teaching pool as of right now is still just a lot of potential. Hopefully things go as planned with the families that we should be teaching within the next few weeks. Wesley didn't come to church and its been almost a week since we've met which makes me concerned. Pray for him along with Sol, Presslyn, Abby, and the Lee family.

love you all and talk to you soon

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 68: December 7, 2015

Hey family,
So to answer dads question about if we had any investigators at church
this week the answer is yes. A guy named Wesley came to church for the
first hour and then had to leave early because he invited friends to
his other church. We've met with him about 4 times already. It's good
to have some we can meet with consistently now. He's a retired marine
and was also in the Air Force. He played football Bowie state
(Maryland) in college. We also had a lesson with a Puerto Rican lady
this week who has a couple of kids at home. We also found out that
there's 2 families that we are going to start teaching. We've been
doing a lot of member work and are seeing some fruits from it now. Our
zone also lead the mission in baptisms this transfer which was pretty
sweet. Transfers are on Thursday. Elder Anderson and Elder Severe
 are going to go more than likely and I will stay here in Ashburn. We 
should see some success while I'm here. The work is starting to get hot here.
Today we got  a Tour of the pentagon from a member in our Ward. After
our tour we went to the pentagon city mall and I got a nice hoodie. So
don't send me a sweatshirt for Christmas. It was pretty good pday but
I'm very tired from walking around. I'm looking forward to skyping
everyone  in a few weeks.

Also last Monday I got a pair of Nike frees for 30 bucks a the Nike
outlet, saved over a hundred bucks.
Love Logan

Also for my package can you send some gold toe socks?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 67: November 30, 2015

Hey family,

Things actually went really good for us here in the Ashburn Ward this
week. After having taught zero lessons last week and not really having
anyone to work with we had a lot happen in just the last few
days. We were able to pick up a single guy named Wesley who played
football at Bowie state and is super excited, a single mom and her 3
triplets that are in high school(from Puerto Rico), and we also had
dinner with a  family in our Ward who invited a non-member family over
and they said they would listen to the discussions. The work has made
a 180 degree turn here. Hopefully it won't be long before we can have
a baptism. It's been since about 9 months already since I've had one.
And we've got some good prospects to get a few.

The ward has been good about trying to help us out in our missionary
work. We've gotten referrals from them and they are always giving us
food and stuff. They really like us a lot. The missionaries before we
were here literally didn't do anything and the ward knew so it's been
good to see the ward start actually trusting us. Although we only had
one dinner for thanksgiving which was unusual considering most
elders have tons of meals on thanksgiving.

We had a super fun turkey bowl In the morning. Lots of members came
out and played, enough for two adult games and 1 kids game. We got
haircuts this week. Transfers are on December 10th.  I'm almost 100%
 positive I'm staying, but the other two guys will leave.

Looking forward to sky ping everyone on Christmas.
Love Logan

Washington DC South Mission: Week 66: November 23, 2015

Hey family,

The BYU application said I should know by February or March I'm pretty
sure. Hopefully all goes well there. I did get Uncle Dick and Aunt Melinda's

gift card too a little while back and I got my gobbler you sent me too.
 My companions are really sick of it already. (It gobbles and sings Christmas songs)

 So this week was really slow. We didn't teach any lessons.
And we did two exchanges with people in our zone.
Today for pday we went shopping and I bought a pair of slacks. Now
we're playing basketball with another zone that's close by. Transfers
are on December 10th. I will more than likely stay and my two
companions will go somewhere. We went out to eat at a sushi restaurant
 with Sanjay after we helped me put up his Christmas tree. Sorry not
much happened this week. With thanksgiving Thursday I should have a
lot more to talk about.

Love you all.

Ps I miss my siblings too

And for my package you can send some gold toe socks, miralax, jerky,
and whatever you think I would like. Just not sweets or anything