Monday, November 9, 2015

Washington DC South: Week 64: November 9, 2015

Hey Family;

So as you know already we got dropped by our only two progressing
investigators so as of right now we don't have any. Although we did
have a cool experience. So we went to an apartment complex
to tract and we usually start from the top and work our way down, but
as we were going up the steps I felt like we start at the bottom
rather than the normal top. We knocked a few doors and then heard
someone walking down the stairs so I immediately stopped to go talk to
them and this girl was in a rush to get to her car but said to try
again later. She drove off then two minutes later came back and said
her thing got canceled and that we could come by later in the day. We
ended up going back and teaching her the entire restoration and she
had good questions along with her 3 friends too from Maryland. She
didn't come to church but we would have never gotten in if we started
knocking the top first.

We also did our zone conference this week where president and the APs
come and teach for like the whole day, then afterwards I went on an
exchange with Elder Rice the ap. He was the first person I went on
exchange with while I was in Potomac crossing. I also got to see a lot
members from Potomac crossing at a stake priesthood meeting yesterday.
Today for pday we went to the vitamin shop and now we're going to 
play ball at the Church.

Also to answer some of your questions the guy from BYU is serving in
the neighboring Ward which is pretty cool. And I see Elder Tesch a lot
because he's an office elder so about once a week we see him when we
go get supplies for the zone. He lives with the APs too see him on
exchanges too. 

Love you all,
Elder Frew

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