Thursday, November 5, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 63: November 5, 2015

Farewell Elder Oyler, my trainer is done with his mission and heading home!
Beautiful season here in Virgina, colors are amazing!

Hey family,
So on Monday we had a half mission conference where Elder Perkins of
the 70's came and spoke to us for most of the day. It was good. I've
already heard from him before last time he came to our mission but it
was still good. The whole mission ended up moving their pday to today but
next Monday it will be back to normal. Yesterday we had our mission
leadership council which was pretty good. But we have some sort of
meeting literally everyday this week.

Also we had a lesson with Chris and Mellisa and they don't want to be
baptized anymore. So we officially have 0 investigators now. We asked
them to pray about if their decision was right but it doesn't look
super good right now. So that was a little disappointing. I was able
to finish my BYU essay though which was big stress reliever.  Sanjay
helped a ton editing them and giving me ideas on what I should write
about. He was on the Pen state admissions staff so he would review
essays on applications to there all the time.

Elder Oyler (my trainer)  went home last week which was really sad. I really am
going to miss him a lot. Thanks for sending me all the Halloween
photos; Ryan and Daniels were the best, and Ofelia's was the cutest.
This week we went to our wards trunk or treat and there was a lot of
non members there. Although that doesn't always mean they are interested.

Love Elder Frew

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