Monday, October 26, 2015

Washington DC South: Week 62: October 26, 2015w

Hi Family, 

I wrote a letter and then it got deleted. Sorry. We rode out
bikes 30 miles to DC today and got free tickets to the tops of the
Washington monument... My legs cramped up once we got into DC. Sorry.
It's late, but here's pictures.

 Love,  Logan

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Washington DC Mission: Week 61- October 19, 2015

Austyns Baptism
My Trainer: Elder Oyler and I reunited for lunch
Hey family,
What was everyone's reaction to Dan going to Atlanta? (Daniel Frew received his mission call to: Atlanta Georgia North Mission: January 20th) 
That's really close to where Derek and holli isn't it?  I really didn't think he was going to stay in the states.

So this weekend I went down to Mount Vernon and saw Tony Clements baptize his daughter Austyn. It was really good to go back and see all the ward memebers and just being in the area. Elder Oyler is serving there too, so we got to go to lunch with him before the baptism. 

Chris and Mellisa came to church again for the fourth time counting conference. Chris probably won't be able go get baptized anytime soon  because of legal issues but he would be as soon as it gets cleared up. Melissa also is ready to be baptized. Except she wanted to do it the same day as Chris but that would be way down the road. We really want her to get baptized first so that she can encourage and give him motivation for when he gets cleared. We were able to find a super good family to fellowship them though. The family has a band and Chris and Mellisa are hard core rock lovers and players. Other than that we didn't have too much going on. We really need to go find more people other than Chris and Mellisa to work with.

I've got two of the essay done already and im working on the third. Sanjay has been helping me out alot which is great. Were probably going to play some golf this afternoon and then go to some outlet malls in Lessburg for our PDay activity. 

love elder frew

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 60: October 12, 2015

Hi Family; 

 I don't have a lot of time to write today. We went fishing this
morning and I got a good bass. But other than that all I got was a
bunch of moss. 

Chris and Mellisa came to church along with a few other
less actives that we've been working with. Chris and Mellisa are going
through some rough patches. Trying to quit a few addictions.

We had a really crappy day this week. We did a church swap with a
potential investigator on Saturday. We showed up after driving 25
miles one way and his stupid pastor wouldn't  let us in. He railed on us
for being false prophets. I guess according to him the sabbath is
suppose to be Saturday and not Sunday. I was super ticked. I didn't
handle the situation very well so I felt bad about that mostly, but it
also wasted a lot of our time and miles.

Read Romans 12:4 (For as we have many members in one body, and
all members have not the same office)  I should have been better ha ha.

Also thank you for the two packages. Unfortunately I ate the 5 packs
of beef jerky already. I guess Russia is where Dano is going on his mission.

Love Logan

Monday, October 5, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 59: October 5, 2015

Fun Pday catching some fish

Conference with Chris and Melissa our investigators
Hey family,

So we had a really good week here in Ashburn. I've been thinking recently how blessed I am to be able to serve on a mission here in DC. I have  a really nice apartment, car, and gym to workout in...I have a really good companion, we have two super solid progressing investigators, the ward is awesome. I'm around other missionaries that are really cool and fun to work with. The list goes on and on. As much as I've wanted for my mission to go by fast and be over, I've thought about how sad it's going to be for me when I have to give it all up and go back to normal life. The experiences that I've had and the relationships I've had are priceless. Ya sometimes its really hard but its also extremely rewarding.

So about the week. I don't know if we told you about Chris and Mellisa yet. So last week we had a referral in the area book for them so we stopped by. They let us right in and said we could come back. Long story short we've had like 8 lessons with them in the last 10 days or so. Teaching them the the first 3 lessons and reading the B.O.M with them too. They are really wanting to be baptized but need to overcome somethings first.

We watched conference with them in their really nice theatre room. Chris is a hard core rocker ha ha. Literally. I guess he is in a punk rock band and Mellisa loves that stuff too. They are engaged right now and are wanting to live the Mormon lifestyle after seeing the downsides to a worldly lifestyle. Chris has had alot of LDS involvement with EFY in Cape Verde. That's a little about them. Chris came to church last week and Mellisa is coming next Sunday. She is already trying to get work off on Sundays too(we had not even said anything about it yet). 

Chris was praying one night for something he could rely on and a week later we ended up knocking on his door. There's other cool things that have happened but I can't really remember right now. All you need to know is that they are super solid and super cool. 

We also had MLC this week which is the mission leadership council.

love elder frew