Monday, September 28, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 58: September 28, 2015

I finally caught a fish here dad! Cute little fellow
Here's our new wheels, no more bikes for a while
Our new threesome companionship
My birthday Celebration! loved it!

So Ashburn has been great area. This week Sister Anderson from Potomac
crossing ward took us out to lunch at light foots. We also had dinner with
the Caninganis who are in Goose Creek the neighboring Ward.... We also
got set up big time this week. So we had a Referral from some elders to
try a guy named Shaun. We text ed him and he gave us an address to to
come by and have a lesson. So we plug the address in and it's in some
rehab facility. We showed up and met the guy. He was like 20 and pretty
different. He told us his church service was going on right now but we
could talk afterward. So after the service was over everyone in his
congregation came and questioned us. It wasn't too bad. They kinda
just wasted are night. We did get a few people who were actually
interest though ha ha. Afterward the guy was like "I hope you don't
feel like I set you up". They did invite us back. So we're going to go
 back just to recruit people.

Anyways we did find some super solid people this week. We found a
couple named Chris and Melissa. He's 20 and she's 18. They're engaged
and have kind of had some rough years behind them... So we had two
lessons with them this week and Chris came to church! It was my first
person at sacrament meeting in over 4 and half months. So we should be
able to work with them. It's so nice to have someone solid to work
with. We also found some other good people that seem to have some good

We've had some funnies stories already with new threesome companionship. Elder
Anderson sprayed 
cologne in my eyes on accident this week.He's smashed the car door
 into 3 card doors already, and a 
shopping cart holder. But it's all good. Today
for pday we played football.

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