Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 57: September 21,2015

Hey family,

 So transfers were this week, and I got what I wanted for

 my birthday. I'm finally out of Burke and back up in Loudon county.
 I'm now serving in the Ashburn Ward with Elder Severe and Elder
 Anderson. Elder Severe and I are the Zone leaders for the Ashburn zone
which is pretty cool. We have a nice Subaru and a legit apartment
 complex. We will more than likely stay at  together for at least two transfers.
 I got to see some people from my old ward in Potomac Crossing already.

 Which has been sweet. Elder severe is awesome. 

 There are three of us here in Ashburn because President Huntsman didn't
 want to white wash( two new elders in an area) so Elder Anderson
 stayed. But really  alot of other elders that have been here have
 literally done nothing. The people in the area haven't been contacted 
 in months. So we are pretty much starting from scratch here. 
 But it's good because Elder Severe and I can get the area back in shape.
 Elder Severe is a really good missionary to. I'm super excited to be his companion.

 My birthday was kinda lame. Elder Severe made me pancakes which was nice and
 I got a bunch of phone calls from people calling and singing happy birthday.
 But two members from my old ward are going to have me over this week to celebrate.

 When we first came into the apartment the place was a wreck. We literally threw
 bags and bags of trash and crap away. It was pretty ridiculous because it's the

 nicest apartment in the mission. But we cleaned it up and threw all the garbage
 out so now it's not bad at all. I'm really excited to be in the Ashburn Ward. The members
 seem really good and I think we should have a lot of success while

 we're here. I haven't gotten any birthday gifts yet. But if you are sending something for my bday
 I need some gift cards. I ran out of money the second week of the Month. So I've been
 scraping the bottom of the barrel. So that be nice.

 Love Elder Frew

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