Monday, September 7, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 55: September 7, 2015

We did service at the Old Railroad Museum, replacing rail ties. 
Dear Family,

We went golfing today with Warren Cheek, who's a non-Member. Last week we
went fishing with him too, which was really good. We just went to the driving
range and did a little bit of putting. He's a super nice guy and
really likes doing stuff with us. All of his kids are grown. 

We had a couple of lessons this week with people, but they weren't promising at
all. We talked with a cool Muslim guy one night and we set up a church
swap. So we're going to try and go to a mosque soon. I have grown to
have a lot of respect for the Muslim people here. Although there is
almost no chance of converting them. They always are nice and a lot
better people than most Christians are who claim to believe in Christ.

We had an exchange with the zone leaders which was a lot fun. The zone
leaders are really cool. Today for pday after we went golfing Warren then he
took us to max muscle where we got some protein. Then shopping and to
the church for basketball. So a pretty good pday. Tonight we probably
will have two lessons. So hopefully those go well.

 This week we also did service for an old railroad museum place moving railroad ties.

Love Elder Frew

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