Monday, August 10, 2015

Washington DC South: Week 51: August 10, 2015


Hey family,
We had a very surprising week! So I told you last week that Elder
Strawn and I were almost 100% sure that we were going to stay together
for transfers... So I got a call late one night from the assistants
saying that I was going to be training. It totally hit me by surprise
and I wasn't even thinking that was a possibility because Elder Strawn had
only been here for 6 weeks. Anyways so Elder Strawn left and now I am
training a brand new missionary. I have a son! His name is Elder
Burleson from Washington State. It's been good so far. 

Training definitely is making me step up my game with being more diligent with
everything I do. And making sure that I'm setting a good example for
my son. The only downside to training is that you pretty much have to
put the team on your back for awhile. But it's all good. I think God
has been wanting me to change my ways for awhile and he knew the only
way it would happen is if I trained haha. Anyways I do like training
though because it forces me to do the best.

We also went to the Nationals baseball game on Saturday against the
Rockies which was pretty cool. The game went by really fast but it was
really fun. If the Nats scored six runs everyone got free McNuggets at
McDonald's. And they did! It reminded me of beaker...." Free tacos"!!!
We took the metro into the game. And on the way back it was so packed.
Literally thousands of people all trying to get on the metro! But it
was really fun! We ended up getting home at around 12. And then had
church pretty early the next morning. I will try and send photos of
the game next week when we go to the library.

Transfers were a little sad. Elder Robbins went home along with a few
others like Elder Hinton and Palmer that I really liked. Elder Mathews
goes home in 2 weeks and Elder Oyler goes home in October. But in the good
news.. Elder Tesch is the new office Elder so we are in the same zone
now, which is awesome.

We had a funny story happen this week too while we were tracking. A guy
was BBQ-ing on his deck and I asked if he had anything for us? 
jokingly. The guy through a water bottle to me from the deck
down to me and I lunged forward to make the snag but ripped my pants
really bad. It was pretty much from the zipper to a good portion of my
 crack that ripped. So we headed back to our apartment so I
could put some pants on.

Love you all, I will send the baseball game photos later.

Elder Frew

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