Friday, August 28, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 53: August 24, 2015

Hey family,

So as you already know I hit my year mark on Thursday. It was pretty
lame to be completely honest. I thought hitting my year would be a lot
cooler. I ended up going with another missionary that came out with me
and burned a shirt with a member in his Ward. It wasn't my first
choice but it's all good. I did get your package this week. Thanks a

This week has been alright. We had some lessons with our investigator
Micah. But he's leaving for Virginia tech so we're losing our only
progressing and solid investigator. We do have a lesson tonight with a
family we tracked into. So hopefully that goes well. I've been feeling
under the weather that last few days. With a sore throat, headache,
and a small cough. Elder Burleson had it first and I think gave it to me. 
But I've been feeling a little Better. It just stinks because I don't want to
take a day and sleep it off.

We had an exchange this week with a ward member where he took us to a
co-worker of his. It was a really good visit. We got to know he and his
daughters; then we played some air hockey with his kids. We didn't really
talk about anything gospel related, but it was really good visit. We asked if
we could do any service for him and then he took like 5 pass along cards 
and said he would ask his neighbors.

That's all,
Love Logan

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