Monday, August 31, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 54: August 31, 2015

Hey family,

This week has been good. We were able to do some service for a lady in
the ward. I was cutting some bushes which reminded me a lot of when of
working back home at dads office and doing our property. We had three
member present. Adam Sawyer a guy we tracked into, David Meskill, a
high school kid who was invited by his member friend to listen to us,
and another one with a lady named Jane. Things have finally been
starting to look up here in Burke area. This place has been slow for
missionary work. We also went fishing this morning with a non-member
guy who's wife is a member. It was pretty good other than the fact we
didn't catch anything. I had one little bass on for a little bit then
it fell off when it got to the dock. Elder Burleson took his time
catching the little ones. The guy said he wanted to go golfing with us
next Monday. I heard Chloe Wilson got her call to Baltimore. That's
scary. That's where the real hood is at. Not a ton of time to write
this week because of fishing with our new investigator. Till next week.

Love elder frew

Friday, August 28, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 53: August 24, 2015

Hey family,

So as you already know I hit my year mark on Thursday. It was pretty
lame to be completely honest. I thought hitting my year would be a lot
cooler. I ended up going with another missionary that came out with me
and burned a shirt with a member in his Ward. It wasn't my first
choice but it's all good. I did get your package this week. Thanks a

This week has been alright. We had some lessons with our investigator
Micah. But he's leaving for Virginia tech so we're losing our only
progressing and solid investigator. We do have a lesson tonight with a
family we tracked into. So hopefully that goes well. I've been feeling
under the weather that last few days. With a sore throat, headache,
and a small cough. Elder Burleson had it first and I think gave it to me. 
But I've been feeling a little Better. It just stinks because I don't want to
take a day and sleep it off.

We had an exchange this week with a ward member where he took us to a
co-worker of his. It was a really good visit. We got to know he and his
daughters; then we played some air hockey with his kids. We didn't really
talk about anything gospel related, but it was really good visit. We asked if
we could do any service for him and then he took like 5 pass along cards 
and said he would ask his neighbors.

That's all,
Love Logan

Monday, August 17, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 52: One Year Mark: August 17, 2015

Our mission at the Nationals: Me and My companion
Elder Tesch and I
Getting on the crazy subway. Super fun 
Hey family,
We had a good week here in Burke Ward.  We got a referral from a
member and had two lessons with him this week. We taught the
Restoration and the  plan of salvation to him.  We are meeting with
him this week also, except we will probably have to pass them off to
the YSA ward here.  We also had another lesson with a guy named
Charlie which went well. My year mark will be this week (August 20th)
 I'm super excited for. We also have zone training this week. Nothing too
exciting happened this week. Today we had Cafe Rio for lunch and are
playing basketball. It's been pretty warm recently. I'm excited for
fall and for the weather to start cooking down a bit.

Elder Burleson is doing good. He has a lot of fire to go and get stuff
done which is good. He's picking things up pretty good and isn't
really nervous to talk and teach. Hopefully next week is a little more

Love Elder Frew

Monday, August 10, 2015

Washington DC South: Week 51: August 10, 2015


Hey family,
We had a very surprising week! So I told you last week that Elder
Strawn and I were almost 100% sure that we were going to stay together
for transfers... So I got a call late one night from the assistants
saying that I was going to be training. It totally hit me by surprise
and I wasn't even thinking that was a possibility because Elder Strawn had
only been here for 6 weeks. Anyways so Elder Strawn left and now I am
training a brand new missionary. I have a son! His name is Elder
Burleson from Washington State. It's been good so far. 

Training definitely is making me step up my game with being more diligent with
everything I do. And making sure that I'm setting a good example for
my son. The only downside to training is that you pretty much have to
put the team on your back for awhile. But it's all good. I think God
has been wanting me to change my ways for awhile and he knew the only
way it would happen is if I trained haha. Anyways I do like training
though because it forces me to do the best.

We also went to the Nationals baseball game on Saturday against the
Rockies which was pretty cool. The game went by really fast but it was
really fun. If the Nats scored six runs everyone got free McNuggets at
McDonald's. And they did! It reminded me of beaker...." Free tacos"!!!
We took the metro into the game. And on the way back it was so packed.
Literally thousands of people all trying to get on the metro! But it
was really fun! We ended up getting home at around 12. And then had
church pretty early the next morning. I will try and send photos of
the game next week when we go to the library.

Transfers were a little sad. Elder Robbins went home along with a few
others like Elder Hinton and Palmer that I really liked. Elder Mathews
goes home in 2 weeks and Elder Oyler goes home in October. But in the good
news.. Elder Tesch is the new office Elder so we are in the same zone
now, which is awesome.

We had a funny story happen this week too while we were tracking. A guy
was BBQ-ing on his deck and I asked if he had anything for us? 
jokingly. The guy through a water bottle to me from the deck
down to me and I lunged forward to make the snag but ripped my pants
really bad. It was pretty much from the zipper to a good portion of my
 crack that ripped. So we headed back to our apartment so I
could put some pants on.

Love you all, I will send the baseball game photos later.

Elder Frew

Washington DC South Mission: Week 50: August 3, 2015


Hey family,
You can have all the people that are coming out to DC email me so I
can set up a time to meet them. I haven't had any contact with the
Bradshaws brother or aunt Melinda's sister because they live in McLean
and Herndon. I'm in Burke.

This week went better than the last. We had a lesson with a family
that we tracked into. It was good other than the fact that he said he
didn't believe it and doesn't want to come to church until he reads
the Book of Mormon. But other than that it went pretty well. We got a
referral from a guy who is atheist but does seem like someone we can
work with. We also had a good talk with an investigator named Rocco.
We haven't had any lessons but whenever we stop by we talk for a good
while. We have a lot of stuff going on this coming week.

 Transfers are on Thursday,Elder Strawn and I are almost positive were staying
together. I was hoping that I get transferred out of Burke but I can
probably do one more. On Saturday we have the Nationals game which
should be a lot of fun!

Today Elder Strawn and I are going to DC. We got locked out of our
apartment this week on accident so we had to climb up the balcony. I
will send you a video. Florida sounds like it was a lot of fun. Do you
have any pictures of the fish dad caught when he went deep sea
fishing? I still haven't caught a fish yet here. I've gone twice so
far and haven't had much success.

Another guy came up to us this week while we were talking with Rocco
and wanted to talk to us. He asked me how are we saved?...His intent
was trying to accuse me of not relying on Christ. He said  we rely on
our works too much and that "works" mean nothing. He said how Christ
is the only way we can be saved. And I told him agree 100 percent and
shared Helaman 5:9 with him and told him our works are just a way we
show gratitude. He then told me "then why don't you give the whole
mission thing and come worship with us". After quoting some more bible
scriptures he finally realized... You can't beat the champ! The only
thing he could say after confounding his was "I'm just concerned
for your soul"....I don't get how people can be so dumb? And say your
going to hell because your Mormon. I'm starting to enjoy people trying
to come up to me and trying to say stuff like that  now. Because I will confound
them and then say "have a nice day."

Love Logan
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