Monday, July 27, 2015

Washington DC South MIssion: Week 49: July 27,

Zone Conference
Zone Conference
I also went on two exchanges this week. One with the zone leaders who
was the guy sleeping. And then one with the APs which was good.

I got both packages this week thanks a lot.
So I forgot to tell you about a funny turtle story I think. So when weHey family,
moved apartments I had to let the turtle lose so I wouldn't have to
move him to the new apartment. But a couple weeks after we let the
original one go, I found another really cool looking one that was
Orange while we we were tracking. It was sitting in A bush in front of
potential who wasn't home. So I grabbed the little fella and put him
in my back pack and started the bike ride back to our apartment. We
live on the second floor of our apartment so we put him on the deck
and gave him water and food to munch on while we went back to work.
When we came back for dinner however he wasn't on the deck. I was
thinking oh no the turtle committed suicide! I looked over the edge of
the railing expecting to see the turtle smashed to bits. But there
wasn't any carnage. So it mus
t have survived the long drop and went
into the bushes that are beneath us...."don't worry no one dies in his
story.... They only get really big boo-boos....what did I tell you". (this 
is Logan's line from his favorite movie, George of the Jungle).

We got a nice Ford Fusion this week which is great. Now we don't have
to sweat our hides off. It doesn't have a tiwi yet either so it won't
yell at us if we go too fast over a bump or if I go over the speed
limit. We went fishing last week and didn't catch anything. I'm not
used to fishing for bass so the technique is a little different. We
had an investigator tell us some good spots to go and what to use. We
are going to try and have him take us fishing sometime... This week we
were walking on the road and this guys stopped his truck next us as we
were walking and starting going off on us. He quoted some scripture
and said we were teaching false doctrine. Then told us that there was
a nice firey place of brimstone prepared for us and then took off down
the road. That really ticked me off. He didn't even stop so I could go
over and confound him. It's crazy how ridiculous people are! How
can they claim to be Christians? I didn't really bother me though.
Because Christ taught that " by this shall man know that he are my
disciples, if he have love one to another". So he obviously wasn't a
disciple of Christ. I was planning on quoting that scripture to the
guy if he would have stopped all the way.

This week was better than the last but still not great. Tina and tony
took me out to dinner on Saturday which was really good. It was nice
being able to talk with them and see how they've been doing. I need to
get more converts so I can have more people like them that I know.

Love elder frew

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