Monday, July 20, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 48: July, 20, 2015

Well today is my 11 month mark! In 30 days I will be half way done! I

can hardly wait to hit my year mark. This week went better than last

week. We had a couple of really good lessons with investigators and

did a lot of lessons with members. Since our teaching pool is pretty

small we've been visiting a lot of the members and trying to get them

involved in the work. We don't have any super solid investigators but

our people that we are starting to work with are improving. We should be

getting a car this week which will be awesome. Not only for the work

but also because it's super hot and humid. When we bike to places were

always super sweaty. So having a car will be great. Burke, VA.  definitely

is my least favorite area. The work here just kinda blows and the area
is gigantic to cover on a bike and being the only set of missionaries.

Today for prep day we went fishing at Burke Lake for an hour or so and

didn't even get a bite. Then we had a zone activity at President Huntsman's

home. We had a BBQ and that was pretty much all that we did. Not the

most fun thing to do but whatever. This Saturday Tina and Tony are

going to take me out to dinner dinner which I'm really looking forward to.

.Not too much to talk about this week.

Love Elder Frew

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