Monday, July 13, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 47- July 13, 2015

Hey family,

Well things aren't going super hot in our area right now. We had our 2
progressing investigators drop us this week which stunk. We did a lot
of tracking this week with a few potentials found but no one super
solid to work with. We've decided we really need to start working with
the members more, I usually don't like to but I don't really have any
other options right now.

This week while we were tracking we had a guy explain to us that Jesus
was black. And that all black people who were brought on the slave
ships are the real Jews and that when Jesus comes again he will redeem
his people (the black people). He was dead serious too. I told him the
only problem with that is that the real Jews don't believe that Jesus
was the son of God, so if he was a real Jew he shouldn't believe that
Jesus was the Son of God(Zechariah 13:6).

After church Sunday the Huntsman's invited Elder Strawn and I over to
their house for a quick lunch which was really nice. They are a very
cool family. It's funny how many girls they have in there family. It
will be super cool to get to know their family and be in the same
Ward. We are going to try and go fishing with their youngest son
Daniel. Sis Huntsman's said that he really likes to go fishing. Sister
Huntsman is extremely nice. Sister Riggs was nice but she wasn't as
outgoing or as friendly.

Not a very eventful week for us. Today for pay day we went to stake
center and played ball. We also went to the vitamin shop and picked up
some more protein. The AP's (missionaries assigned to assist the Mission President) 
 told us we will be getting a car soon which will be really nice. Not much to say this week

Love Elder Frew

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