Sunday, July 5, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 45: June 29, 2015

Elder Strawn: My new companion
Elder Blanchard: My last companion
Hey family ,
I'm still in Burke but they moved us to a new apartment complex. My
new address is
8511 Bauer drive #13
Springfield, VA 22152.

So this week was the last transfer meeting with President Riggs here.
It was a whole mission transfer meeting which was cool. We had a very
good meeting,but it was very emotional. After the meeting was over I
went up to President Riggs and gave him a big long hug. I wanted to
cry really hard. I'm going to really miss President Riggs. He did give
me some really inspiring advice directly to me. I think I've been the
most motivated right now,  then even from the beginning of my mission.
So as far as transfer news... Elder Blanchard went to be zone leader in Ashburn. So
now I am the District leader in Burke. That could be another reason
why I'm so motivated. Now I have more responsibility and I'm the
senior companion. Which doesn't mean anything, I've just been out
longer than my comp. Although I didn't get to train my friend Rob Hild
 I did get to talk with him for awhile which was pretty fun. On
Saturday it will be a year since we both went to the stadium of fire
concert in Utah. 
Anyways so my new companion is Elder Strawn from Cloverfield Utah. He's really cool also. 
I've been blessed  to get good companions. It was really cool seeing all my buddies at transfers.

So on Saturday night we got out of a lesson at 930pm and got a call from
President Riggs, seeing if we could come help him give a blessing to
one of his daughters. So went and did it and then he dropped us off at
our apartment at around 10ish... Once we got to the apartment I asked
him pretty much every question I wanted to ask before he goes home
Tuesday. We just sat in the car for about an hour and a half drilling
him with questions and getting counsel and advice for our own personal
lives. It was really cool. Then at around 12 he kicked us out.

President goes home Tuesday and President Huntsman comes here the same
day. Pres Riggs will show him the mission office and home and then he
leaves. So it going to be a really quick transition. Today for Pday
were playing Ball at the stake center.

Love Logan

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