Monday, July 6, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: July 6, 2015: Week 46

Hey family,
So this week we lost President Riggs on Tuesday which was really sad.
I loved President Riggs and will really miss him a lot.  A few nights
before he went home we gave his daughter a blessing and then he drove
us home after. I drilled him on a ton of life questions. And got
counsel and advice from him for about hour and a half until he finally
kicked us out of his car.

 We met President Huntsman's and his family. He is very nice along
 with his wife but it's just very different. He had 8 kids and we met 7
 of the 8. His wife is very, very friendly. Especially compared to Sister Riggs.
 Sis Riggs was nice but she definitely wasn't like a super lovey-dove type. I got some great
counsel from President Riggs and he's really affected me a lot. He
would always tell me how we were meant to be in the same mission so he
could "micromanage" me.

Anyway, this week I had a couple really cool experiences. So far on my
mission  I've never had an experience where I felt I needed to
talk to a specific individual. But this week we were biking back to
our apartment and we were waiting at a light. There's a chubby kid
just next to us that reminded me of the kid on the little rascals.
Anyways I asked how he was doing while we were waiting then we went
different directions when the light turned. I crossed and got a big
impression to stop and talk to him. Elder Strawn was far ahead of me
and the kid was going the opposite direction. I was sitting across the
street trying to decide if I should go talk to him of just make sure
I'm close to my companion. As I stopped Elder Strawn eventually
noticed I wasn't close by and came back. Then I told him I needed to
talk to that kid... I went and talked to him and he turned out to be
super nice and loves the bible. We gave him a b.o.m and tried to set
up a time but he was busy with the 4th of July activities. We still haven't 
been able to get a hold of him. But it still was a cool experience.

Another cool experience was that a member posted a photo of us on our
bikes on Facebook and her friend saw the post and right after saw us riding
our bikes and commented and told her that she saw us and was touched.
That same member suggested we tract a certain neighborhood. That night
also. So we took her advice and went to the cherry run homes. The
first door we knock on was a college kid which opens up and hears the first
lesson. He had friends that were Mormon that were in our ward. We
still haven't been able to get a hold of him but it was a good lesson.

Then lastly we tracked in little India the other night and knocked on
a Vietnamese ladies door and asked if she was Christian. She said no
and was shutting the door when her son came and said" I'm
christian". We talked to him on his doorstep for an hour and a bit
about the 1st lesson. He has friends that go to lake Braddock which is
the high school here. He was solid and we're trying to set something
up with him.

In the bad news. One investigator told us every time she reads the
BOM she feels the more it is uninspired. So that stunk. She got into
anti just like everyone does here. There's so much crap here in this
area. Even among the members. The lady who wanted women to have the
priesthood lives close by here in the Vienna area. I think her name
was something Kelly. Even in our ward there has been members who are
apostatizing. They are saying how the prophets today are not inspired
anymore and leading us in the wrong  direction. As we sit in elders
quorum and ward council we see which members are leading it and trying
to recruit. It's all over the DC area.

For the Fourth of July we were not allowed to go into the district due
to the Isis  threats. We had to stay in our areas. So for the
fourth we ended up playing basketball at the gym and playing card
games and whatnot. There were some fireworks pretty close to our house
the day before the fourth which we watched.

I didn't get hardly any sleep last night because a crazy lady kept
calling us in the middle of the night.

Love you all
Elder Frew

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