Monday, July 27, 2015

Washington DC South MIssion: Week 49: July 27,

Zone Conference
Zone Conference
I also went on two exchanges this week. One with the zone leaders who
was the guy sleeping. And then one with the APs which was good.

I got both packages this week thanks a lot.
So I forgot to tell you about a funny turtle story I think. So when weHey family,
moved apartments I had to let the turtle lose so I wouldn't have to
move him to the new apartment. But a couple weeks after we let the
original one go, I found another really cool looking one that was
Orange while we we were tracking. It was sitting in A bush in front of
potential who wasn't home. So I grabbed the little fella and put him
in my back pack and started the bike ride back to our apartment. We
live on the second floor of our apartment so we put him on the deck
and gave him water and food to munch on while we went back to work.
When we came back for dinner however he wasn't on the deck. I was
thinking oh no the turtle committed suicide! I looked over the edge of
the railing expecting to see the turtle smashed to bits. But there
wasn't any carnage. So it mus
t have survived the long drop and went
into the bushes that are beneath us...."don't worry no one dies in his
story.... They only get really big boo-boos....what did I tell you". (this 
is Logan's line from his favorite movie, George of the Jungle).

We got a nice Ford Fusion this week which is great. Now we don't have
to sweat our hides off. It doesn't have a tiwi yet either so it won't
yell at us if we go too fast over a bump or if I go over the speed
limit. We went fishing last week and didn't catch anything. I'm not
used to fishing for bass so the technique is a little different. We
had an investigator tell us some good spots to go and what to use. We
are going to try and have him take us fishing sometime... This week we
were walking on the road and this guys stopped his truck next us as we
were walking and starting going off on us. He quoted some scripture
and said we were teaching false doctrine. Then told us that there was
a nice firey place of brimstone prepared for us and then took off down
the road. That really ticked me off. He didn't even stop so I could go
over and confound him. It's crazy how ridiculous people are! How
can they claim to be Christians? I didn't really bother me though.
Because Christ taught that " by this shall man know that he are my
disciples, if he have love one to another". So he obviously wasn't a
disciple of Christ. I was planning on quoting that scripture to the
guy if he would have stopped all the way.

This week was better than the last but still not great. Tina and tony
took me out to dinner on Saturday which was really good. It was nice
being able to talk with them and see how they've been doing. I need to
get more converts so I can have more people like them that I know.

Love elder frew

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 48: July, 20, 2015

Well today is my 11 month mark! In 30 days I will be half way done! I

can hardly wait to hit my year mark. This week went better than last

week. We had a couple of really good lessons with investigators and

did a lot of lessons with members. Since our teaching pool is pretty

small we've been visiting a lot of the members and trying to get them

involved in the work. We don't have any super solid investigators but

our people that we are starting to work with are improving. We should be

getting a car this week which will be awesome. Not only for the work

but also because it's super hot and humid. When we bike to places were

always super sweaty. So having a car will be great. Burke, VA.  definitely

is my least favorite area. The work here just kinda blows and the area
is gigantic to cover on a bike and being the only set of missionaries.

Today for prep day we went fishing at Burke Lake for an hour or so and

didn't even get a bite. Then we had a zone activity at President Huntsman's

home. We had a BBQ and that was pretty much all that we did. Not the

most fun thing to do but whatever. This Saturday Tina and Tony are

going to take me out to dinner dinner which I'm really looking forward to.

.Not too much to talk about this week.

Love Elder Frew

Monday, July 13, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 47- July 13, 2015

Hey family,

Well things aren't going super hot in our area right now. We had our 2
progressing investigators drop us this week which stunk. We did a lot
of tracking this week with a few potentials found but no one super
solid to work with. We've decided we really need to start working with
the members more, I usually don't like to but I don't really have any
other options right now.

This week while we were tracking we had a guy explain to us that Jesus
was black. And that all black people who were brought on the slave
ships are the real Jews and that when Jesus comes again he will redeem
his people (the black people). He was dead serious too. I told him the
only problem with that is that the real Jews don't believe that Jesus
was the son of God, so if he was a real Jew he shouldn't believe that
Jesus was the Son of God(Zechariah 13:6).

After church Sunday the Huntsman's invited Elder Strawn and I over to
their house for a quick lunch which was really nice. They are a very
cool family. It's funny how many girls they have in there family. It
will be super cool to get to know their family and be in the same
Ward. We are going to try and go fishing with their youngest son
Daniel. Sis Huntsman's said that he really likes to go fishing. Sister
Huntsman is extremely nice. Sister Riggs was nice but she wasn't as
outgoing or as friendly.

Not a very eventful week for us. Today for pay day we went to stake
center and played ball. We also went to the vitamin shop and picked up
some more protein. The AP's (missionaries assigned to assist the Mission President) 
 told us we will be getting a car soon which will be really nice. Not much to say this week

Love Elder Frew

Monday, July 6, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: July 6, 2015: Week 46

Hey family,
So this week we lost President Riggs on Tuesday which was really sad.
I loved President Riggs and will really miss him a lot.  A few nights
before he went home we gave his daughter a blessing and then he drove
us home after. I drilled him on a ton of life questions. And got
counsel and advice from him for about hour and a half until he finally
kicked us out of his car.

 We met President Huntsman's and his family. He is very nice along
 with his wife but it's just very different. He had 8 kids and we met 7
 of the 8. His wife is very, very friendly. Especially compared to Sister Riggs.
 Sis Riggs was nice but she definitely wasn't like a super lovey-dove type. I got some great
counsel from President Riggs and he's really affected me a lot. He
would always tell me how we were meant to be in the same mission so he
could "micromanage" me.

Anyway, this week I had a couple really cool experiences. So far on my
mission  I've never had an experience where I felt I needed to
talk to a specific individual. But this week we were biking back to
our apartment and we were waiting at a light. There's a chubby kid
just next to us that reminded me of the kid on the little rascals.
Anyways I asked how he was doing while we were waiting then we went
different directions when the light turned. I crossed and got a big
impression to stop and talk to him. Elder Strawn was far ahead of me
and the kid was going the opposite direction. I was sitting across the
street trying to decide if I should go talk to him of just make sure
I'm close to my companion. As I stopped Elder Strawn eventually
noticed I wasn't close by and came back. Then I told him I needed to
talk to that kid... I went and talked to him and he turned out to be
super nice and loves the bible. We gave him a b.o.m and tried to set
up a time but he was busy with the 4th of July activities. We still haven't 
been able to get a hold of him. But it still was a cool experience.

Another cool experience was that a member posted a photo of us on our
bikes on Facebook and her friend saw the post and right after saw us riding
our bikes and commented and told her that she saw us and was touched.
That same member suggested we tract a certain neighborhood. That night
also. So we took her advice and went to the cherry run homes. The
first door we knock on was a college kid which opens up and hears the first
lesson. He had friends that were Mormon that were in our ward. We
still haven't been able to get a hold of him but it was a good lesson.

Then lastly we tracked in little India the other night and knocked on
a Vietnamese ladies door and asked if she was Christian. She said no
and was shutting the door when her son came and said" I'm
christian". We talked to him on his doorstep for an hour and a bit
about the 1st lesson. He has friends that go to lake Braddock which is
the high school here. He was solid and we're trying to set something
up with him.

In the bad news. One investigator told us every time she reads the
BOM she feels the more it is uninspired. So that stunk. She got into
anti just like everyone does here. There's so much crap here in this
area. Even among the members. The lady who wanted women to have the
priesthood lives close by here in the Vienna area. I think her name
was something Kelly. Even in our ward there has been members who are
apostatizing. They are saying how the prophets today are not inspired
anymore and leading us in the wrong  direction. As we sit in elders
quorum and ward council we see which members are leading it and trying
to recruit. It's all over the DC area.

For the Fourth of July we were not allowed to go into the district due
to the Isis  threats. We had to stay in our areas. So for the
fourth we ended up playing basketball at the gym and playing card
games and whatnot. There were some fireworks pretty close to our house
the day before the fourth which we watched.

I didn't get hardly any sleep last night because a crazy lady kept
calling us in the middle of the night.

Love you all
Elder Frew

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 45: June 29, 2015

Elder Strawn: My new companion
Elder Blanchard: My last companion
Hey family ,
I'm still in Burke but they moved us to a new apartment complex. My
new address is
8511 Bauer drive #13
Springfield, VA 22152.

So this week was the last transfer meeting with President Riggs here.
It was a whole mission transfer meeting which was cool. We had a very
good meeting,but it was very emotional. After the meeting was over I
went up to President Riggs and gave him a big long hug. I wanted to
cry really hard. I'm going to really miss President Riggs. He did give
me some really inspiring advice directly to me. I think I've been the
most motivated right now,  then even from the beginning of my mission.
So as far as transfer news... Elder Blanchard went to be zone leader in Ashburn. So
now I am the District leader in Burke. That could be another reason
why I'm so motivated. Now I have more responsibility and I'm the
senior companion. Which doesn't mean anything, I've just been out
longer than my comp. Although I didn't get to train my friend Rob Hild
 I did get to talk with him for awhile which was pretty fun. On
Saturday it will be a year since we both went to the stadium of fire
concert in Utah. 
Anyways so my new companion is Elder Strawn from Cloverfield Utah. He's really cool also. 
I've been blessed  to get good companions. It was really cool seeing all my buddies at transfers.

So on Saturday night we got out of a lesson at 930pm and got a call from
President Riggs, seeing if we could come help him give a blessing to
one of his daughters. So went and did it and then he dropped us off at
our apartment at around 10ish... Once we got to the apartment I asked
him pretty much every question I wanted to ask before he goes home
Tuesday. We just sat in the car for about an hour and a half drilling
him with questions and getting counsel and advice for our own personal
lives. It was really cool. Then at around 12 he kicked us out.

President goes home Tuesday and President Huntsman comes here the same
day. Pres Riggs will show him the mission office and home and then he
leaves. So it going to be a really quick transition. Today for Pday
were playing Ball at the stake center.

Love Logan