Monday, June 22, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 44- June 22, 2015

Dear family,

First off Happy Father's Day Dad. Sorry I didn't have time to send you
a book mark but next year I will make sure that I get you a really
nice one. Maybe it will even be laminated.

Anyways this last week our mission got Face book back which was pretty
cool. Except I had some really discouraging news come to me this week.
So I hadn't heard really anything from John Motley and his family (recently baptism family)
since I left Lees burg. I would always message him on Fb and he would
either not answer or just give me one word answers. Well I was looking
at his wall and he posted something about having a great Sunday at
cornerstone chapel which is a huge church that a lot of people go to
in the leesburg- Ashburn area. Anyways I messaged him and asked how he
was doing and he told me that he pretty much doesn't want anything to
do with our church. He said he felt like he was pretended there and
said he didn't agree with what we taught. I asked him what happened
and what were some of the things he didn't agree with.. He replied
"everything" and got really kinda defensive and said "I shouldn't ask
him any questions and just  respect his decision". So that really
stunk to find out. After talking to him some more on Face book he told
me all the things why he he got into pretty much all the
anti-stuff you could think of. I don't want to bother going into it,
but it's just the usual garbage that we run into out here.
To top it off, We also got out car taken away this last week which
blows. Burke is a huge area to cover and it's hot and humid. As soon
as you walk outside your pretty much drenched in sweat. I figured out
a way so that the heat doesn't seem so bad. I cut an old pair of slack
and made some proselyting shorts. Ha ha elder Blanchard insisted I don't
wear them I will send a video.

.. There was a big thunderstorm this last week as we were walking
around and we both got absolutely soaked. We have transfer meeting
this week and Elder Blanchard  will more than likely be
transferred out of here. 

It's been a really quick six weeks with him.
He's a dang good missionary and hopefully I can follow his work ethic
and attitude towards the mission. I will find out later this week if I
will be training or not. So when my last interview with President,he
told me that there was a good chance I could training but we will find
out soon! I also will more than likely be the District leader here in
Burke when Elder Blanchard leaves.

Well we're going to DC today for Pday with Elder miles and Elder
Johnson who both go home this week. So this will be their final time
to see the city. I will let you know what happens with transfers next
week and who my new companion is if Elder Blanchard leaves.

Love Logan

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