Sunday, June 21, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 43: June 7, 2015

Today for P-Day we went to lunch with President Riggs then he took us to Great Falls
To dad: I got an email from a lady who said she went to high school
with you. Her son was in my mission and asked who I was in a picture
I got with him. He said "thats Elder Frew". And she was like "I bet
he's related to delwin frew. Her name is Colleen Sullivan Payne. She
said that you and her went to high school together in Idaho. Her son
Elder Payne was probably the funniest elder out here until he went
home. She lives in Southern California now too. Cool story.

We didn't have the best week. But on Friday we were driving back to
our apartment and I saw this little guy crossing the road. I pulled
over and grabbed him before he got rocked by the cars. He's now living
in our backyard living off the leftovers or food that goes bad in the
back of the fridge. Pday had been pretty frustrating because it took
forever together my email account to work and a couple other things so
I'm not going to write very much. We picked up a couple new
investigators but the people we already have are not progressing very
well and it's super hard to meet with them. But catching the turtle
made up for the frustrating week.

I don't feel like writing too much. Thanks for the pics and I will
talk to you next week.
Love elder frew

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