Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Washington DC South Mission Week 42: June 7, 2015

Hey family,

Thanks for sending me all of the photos and videos. Its super crazy how its already been a year since I was doing all the graduation stuff. That doesn't surprise me that people were snorting cocaine at Daniels grad night. There was a bunch of people that were super plastered at mine. That's cool Daniel won a pair of sunglasses. I still wear the watch I got from mine everyday.

This week we had 4 exchanges which was really crazy. The first won we went on was with Elder Miles(Gentrys friend) and Elder Johnson. They were training both me and Blanchard on stuff and talked a little bit about leadership since a lot of Elders are going home these next 2 transfers so their preparing people to fill in. After that we went with the zone leaders the next day which was alright. Not super fun. The next day I went with a set of elders in our area because elder Blanchard had a leadership meeting. Then the final exchange we went on was with the assistants to the president. I went with elder white and my comp went with elder Walters. So it was a pretty crazy week.

We had a really good lesson with a girl named Kryslyn. That was when I was with the APs. We taught the gospel of J.C and it went really well. She is ready to be baptized except she hasn't settled in a certain home yet. She lives in new port news, but jumps around in Burke and sometimes goes to NYC.

Earlier in the week we were checking on a potential and the door we knocked on gave a nice little anti-Mormon literature book. HA Ha. I was starting to read through a little bit but elder Blanchard wanted me to throw it out so we ripped it apart a couple of times and then put it in the trash. Its ridiculous how much anti there is out there. And especially on the Internet. There was a guy that showed up to our ward a couple weeks ago and wanted to be baptized. We were super excited because we thought it would able to baptism him.  Then two days later he got into some anti and now he wont meet with us at all. We go to his house where hi wife is a member but he goes up stairs and wont come down. Its super annoying.

I saw elder oyler a couple days this week when we went to the mission office to pick up supplies. That was pretty cool. Today for Pday were going bolfing with President Riggs and Elder Miles and his comp which should be pretty fun. Bolfing is just golf, except you throw a bowling ball and the  holes are a lot bigger. And we might play some Frisbee golf too. 

I got your package too this week. Except it got let out in the rain so the box got soaked. but nothing got ruined which was really nice.

Well I will talk to you guys next week. Love you all

elder frew

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