Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 41: June 1, 2015

Elder Chan from Hong Kong
Elder Frew and Elder Chan

Hey family,

Elder Blanchard and I are doing good. We got our car back earlier this
week which was really nice.On Friday all the cars in the mission got
tiwis put inside of them. Which is a little black box that reports of
your speed, not wear a seat belt, etc..., and reports it to the mission

This week Elder Blanchard and I drove all over the place trying to get
a parking pass for our town home. It took us probably like 3 hours one
day to get a pass which was really annoying and irritating.

I went on exchange earlier this week with the Chinese speaking elders
which was pretty fun. Elder Chan is from Hong Kong, he and I went 
in his area and drove around the mission seeing people that spoke
Chinese. We went into Arlington and McLean which was pretty cool since
I've never been in that area yet. I would really like to serve in
Arlington sometime in my mission.

It's starting to get pretty hot and humid but we're in a car now so it
doesn't really affect us. I'm afraid that next transfer we might lose
the car because our mission is getting rid of 9 cars because so many
elders and sisters are going home this summer and fall. But hopefully
we will get to keep it. Otherwise it will really suck because the town of Burke
 is really big and hard to cover on bike. Also we're the only elders in the
ward so we would be covering all of it by ourselves.

Not too much happened this week.  
It's super crazy how it's been a year since I was graduating from
Placer. It's been a pretty quick year.

 Love you and talk to you next week

Elder Frew

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