Monday, June 22, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 44- June 22, 2015

Dear family,

First off Happy Father's Day Dad. Sorry I didn't have time to send you
a book mark but next year I will make sure that I get you a really
nice one. Maybe it will even be laminated.

Anyways this last week our mission got Face book back which was pretty
cool. Except I had some really discouraging news come to me this week.
So I hadn't heard really anything from John Motley and his family (recently baptism family)
since I left Lees burg. I would always message him on Fb and he would
either not answer or just give me one word answers. Well I was looking
at his wall and he posted something about having a great Sunday at
cornerstone chapel which is a huge church that a lot of people go to
in the leesburg- Ashburn area. Anyways I messaged him and asked how he
was doing and he told me that he pretty much doesn't want anything to
do with our church. He said he felt like he was pretended there and
said he didn't agree with what we taught. I asked him what happened
and what were some of the things he didn't agree with.. He replied
"everything" and got really kinda defensive and said "I shouldn't ask
him any questions and just  respect his decision". So that really
stunk to find out. After talking to him some more on Face book he told
me all the things why he he got into pretty much all the
anti-stuff you could think of. I don't want to bother going into it,
but it's just the usual garbage that we run into out here.
To top it off, We also got out car taken away this last week which
blows. Burke is a huge area to cover and it's hot and humid. As soon
as you walk outside your pretty much drenched in sweat. I figured out
a way so that the heat doesn't seem so bad. I cut an old pair of slack
and made some proselyting shorts. Ha ha elder Blanchard insisted I don't
wear them I will send a video.

.. There was a big thunderstorm this last week as we were walking
around and we both got absolutely soaked. We have transfer meeting
this week and Elder Blanchard  will more than likely be
transferred out of here. 

It's been a really quick six weeks with him.
He's a dang good missionary and hopefully I can follow his work ethic
and attitude towards the mission. I will find out later this week if I
will be training or not. So when my last interview with President,he
told me that there was a good chance I could training but we will find
out soon! I also will more than likely be the District leader here in
Burke when Elder Blanchard leaves.

Well we're going to DC today for Pday with Elder miles and Elder
Johnson who both go home this week. So this will be their final time
to see the city. I will let you know what happens with transfers next
week and who my new companion is if Elder Blanchard leaves.

Love Logan

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 43: June 7, 2015

Today for P-Day we went to lunch with President Riggs then he took us to Great Falls
To dad: I got an email from a lady who said she went to high school
with you. Her son was in my mission and asked who I was in a picture
I got with him. He said "thats Elder Frew". And she was like "I bet
he's related to delwin frew. Her name is Colleen Sullivan Payne. She
said that you and her went to high school together in Idaho. Her son
Elder Payne was probably the funniest elder out here until he went
home. She lives in Southern California now too. Cool story.

We didn't have the best week. But on Friday we were driving back to
our apartment and I saw this little guy crossing the road. I pulled
over and grabbed him before he got rocked by the cars. He's now living
in our backyard living off the leftovers or food that goes bad in the
back of the fridge. Pday had been pretty frustrating because it took
forever together my email account to work and a couple other things so
I'm not going to write very much. We picked up a couple new
investigators but the people we already have are not progressing very
well and it's super hard to meet with them. But catching the turtle
made up for the frustrating week.

I don't feel like writing too much. Thanks for the pics and I will
talk to you next week.
Love elder frew

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Washington DC South Mission Week 42: June 7, 2015

Hey family,

Thanks for sending me all of the photos and videos. Its super crazy how its already been a year since I was doing all the graduation stuff. That doesn't surprise me that people were snorting cocaine at Daniels grad night. There was a bunch of people that were super plastered at mine. That's cool Daniel won a pair of sunglasses. I still wear the watch I got from mine everyday.

This week we had 4 exchanges which was really crazy. The first won we went on was with Elder Miles(Gentrys friend) and Elder Johnson. They were training both me and Blanchard on stuff and talked a little bit about leadership since a lot of Elders are going home these next 2 transfers so their preparing people to fill in. After that we went with the zone leaders the next day which was alright. Not super fun. The next day I went with a set of elders in our area because elder Blanchard had a leadership meeting. Then the final exchange we went on was with the assistants to the president. I went with elder white and my comp went with elder Walters. So it was a pretty crazy week.

We had a really good lesson with a girl named Kryslyn. That was when I was with the APs. We taught the gospel of J.C and it went really well. She is ready to be baptized except she hasn't settled in a certain home yet. She lives in new port news, but jumps around in Burke and sometimes goes to NYC.

Earlier in the week we were checking on a potential and the door we knocked on gave a nice little anti-Mormon literature book. HA Ha. I was starting to read through a little bit but elder Blanchard wanted me to throw it out so we ripped it apart a couple of times and then put it in the trash. Its ridiculous how much anti there is out there. And especially on the Internet. There was a guy that showed up to our ward a couple weeks ago and wanted to be baptized. We were super excited because we thought it would able to baptism him.  Then two days later he got into some anti and now he wont meet with us at all. We go to his house where hi wife is a member but he goes up stairs and wont come down. Its super annoying.

I saw elder oyler a couple days this week when we went to the mission office to pick up supplies. That was pretty cool. Today for Pday were going bolfing with President Riggs and Elder Miles and his comp which should be pretty fun. Bolfing is just golf, except you throw a bowling ball and the  holes are a lot bigger. And we might play some Frisbee golf too. 

I got your package too this week. Except it got let out in the rain so the box got soaked. but nothing got ruined which was really nice.

Well I will talk to you guys next week. Love you all

elder frew

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 41: June 1, 2015

Elder Chan from Hong Kong
Elder Frew and Elder Chan

Hey family,

Elder Blanchard and I are doing good. We got our car back earlier this
week which was really nice.On Friday all the cars in the mission got
tiwis put inside of them. Which is a little black box that reports of
your speed, not wear a seat belt, etc..., and reports it to the mission

This week Elder Blanchard and I drove all over the place trying to get
a parking pass for our town home. It took us probably like 3 hours one
day to get a pass which was really annoying and irritating.

I went on exchange earlier this week with the Chinese speaking elders
which was pretty fun. Elder Chan is from Hong Kong, he and I went 
in his area and drove around the mission seeing people that spoke
Chinese. We went into Arlington and McLean which was pretty cool since
I've never been in that area yet. I would really like to serve in
Arlington sometime in my mission.

It's starting to get pretty hot and humid but we're in a car now so it
doesn't really affect us. I'm afraid that next transfer we might lose
the car because our mission is getting rid of 9 cars because so many
elders and sisters are going home this summer and fall. But hopefully
we will get to keep it. Otherwise it will really suck because the town of Burke
 is really big and hard to cover on bike. Also we're the only elders in the
ward so we would be covering all of it by ourselves.

Not too much happened this week.  
It's super crazy how it's been a year since I was graduating from
Placer. It's been a pretty quick year.

 Love you and talk to you next week

Elder Frew