Monday, May 18, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 39: May 18, 2015

My new companion from Rexburg, Idaho
Elder Frew & Elder Blanchard (Rexburg, Idaho)
Transfer Day: Farewell Elder Annis

A Good bye to one of my Favorite Families!

Hey Family, So this week was transfers. I'm now serving in Burke, VA. I'm in the
 same ward that President Riggs goes  with his family. My new companion is
Elder Blanchard from Rexburg Idaho. He is super cool. We live 
in a town home with four other missionaries. It's called the missionary frat
house. We also have a car which is really nice. Except I already
drifted into a curb, I got really lucky that it was only that. It's funny that
 this has been the week for car accidents. I'll be able to beat the heat this summer.

We went to a concert last night that was at stake center. It was Jenny
Oaks Baker and her family that plays a bunch of musical instruments
but mostly the violin. It's Elder Oaks daughter. I've never heard of
her but I guess a lot of people know her. It was really good. 

We also played a pick up game freshman after an appointment I will
send you a video of it. Told them if we beat them that we got to teach
them.... We won 16 to 3 haha. Elder Blanchard is really good at
basketball too. Sorry I don't have much time write today.  We have to
go to the hospital today during the day and give a blessing.
Love you all,
Elder Frew

**Note: I have a new address now (Thats for Sister Taylor)

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