Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 40: May 25, 2015

Washington DC TEMPLE: Transfers

Hey everyone,
So last Monday I hit a curb on pday and had to take the car in. We
found out that it did more damage then I thought. It needs a new
wheel, rim, alignment , and something else. The inspection said it
would be about 1000 dollars. So we've been on bike for the last few
days which has kinda sucked. We had a really good turn out for church
this Sunday though. We had 3 investigators come to church which was
really good. And one of them asked what they would have to do to be

We had interviews this week with President Riggs for the last time.
This is his last transfer here and then he will go home which is kinda
weird. We are also having a training on Friday where we are getting
tiwis put in the car. A tiwi is a black box that gets installed to the
car and beeps at you  if you go too fast.

Today we went to the temple for pday. It was good. Then after that we
didn't really do too much. I found out that there is a guy in our ward
that knows Stewart Schulzke named brother Mann. He said that he was
his MTC teacher.
Sorry I can't write too much today.

Love Logan

Monday, May 18, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 39: May 18, 2015

My new companion from Rexburg, Idaho
Elder Frew & Elder Blanchard (Rexburg, Idaho)
Transfer Day: Farewell Elder Annis

A Good bye to one of my Favorite Families!

Hey Family, So this week was transfers. I'm now serving in Burke, VA. I'm in the
 same ward that President Riggs goes  with his family. My new companion is
Elder Blanchard from Rexburg Idaho. He is super cool. We live 
in a town home with four other missionaries. It's called the missionary frat
house. We also have a car which is really nice. Except I already
drifted into a curb, I got really lucky that it was only that. It's funny that
 this has been the week for car accidents. I'll be able to beat the heat this summer.

We went to a concert last night that was at stake center. It was Jenny
Oaks Baker and her family that plays a bunch of musical instruments
but mostly the violin. It's Elder Oaks daughter. I've never heard of
her but I guess a lot of people know her. It was really good. 

We also played a pick up game freshman after an appointment I will
send you a video of it. Told them if we beat them that we got to teach
them.... We won 16 to 3 haha. Elder Blanchard is really good at
basketball too. Sorry I don't have much time write today.  We have to
go to the hospital today during the day and give a blessing.
Love you all,
Elder Frew

**Note: I have a new address now (Thats for Sister Taylor)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 38: May 11, 2015


Everyone skyped in at once, such a great day...

Hi Family:
Skype was a lot of fun. I will let you know what happens for
transfers this week. We are probably going to go to Mount Vernon today which
will be cool. I'll try and send some pics. Love Logan.

Last Week in MT. Vernon

Monday, May 4, 2015

Washington DC South: Week 37: May 4, 2015

Hey family,
This week we had zone conference. It was good but kind long. 
President Riggs made me conduct the music. I didn't know how to lead so I just sang in front of everyone then he came up and showed me how to do it in a sense.

 There was a baptism this week in our ward for the other
elders. We found a family tracking that the mom grew up in Utah and
had a lot of Mormon friends but never was baptized. She had ancestors join the church in France and then moved across the plains with all the pioneers. After convincing them to let us come back  we set up a time for next weekend. It was a good week. 

We also have a stake cconference this weekend. Along with the regional conference. So we haven't been able to get to many investigators to church. Although we do have people that are progressing. 

 We are working with a recently married couple that are 21 and 20. Elder Annis is older than both of them. We also had dinner with our investigator Owen. That night we he had three dinners. Kind of felt sick afterwards, but I'm all good.

Today we have a zone activity playing kickball and also Frisbee. I can
talk to you Sunday about applying for schools. But I think I want
to apply to Utah State, BYU, and UVU. I don't want to apply to BYU
Idaho. I think that would just be a waste of money cause I don't want
to go there.  I will call you Saturday to set up a time to Skype. But
more than likely will be Skype at around 3 to 5 your time. We're
finally getting the bedbugs removed. The only thing thing that sucks
is we have to pay 75 bucks because we weren't ready today when they
came to spray. Elder Annis got kinda pissed at the people because they
tried to make us sign something for the 75 bucks.
Anyway sorry it's short today. I will talk to you later this week.

Love elder frew