Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 36: April 27, 2015

Elder Ames and Elder Frew

Congrats to Derek for graduating from BYU. I liked the pictures. That's so cool that you talked to M. Russell Ballard too. How did Daniel like Mormon prom? This week we had two lessons with our investigator named Rose. I don't know if I told you about her yet. She is from Bolivia and has two little daughters. Her two older brothers served LDS missions when she was really young although she never was baptized or doesn't know a ton about the church. The two little girls are super smart though. They probably know more scripture stories than some of my companions I've had. Anyways we took a member that is Brazilian to our lesson with her and it went really well. I think they are good people that will be receptive to baptized. They were  just recently baptized in a Baptist church but they said they would be willing to be baptized again, if they found out it was true. So things are going really well with them.

 We went to a baptism for some missionaries in our zone. They did the baptism in the Potomac River which was kinda cool. The water was probably freezing. It was frozen over just a few months ago.

Last Monday there was a tornado warning so we had to go to our apartments early that day. We were at the very end of our area so we biked as fast as we could back to our apartment. I think we got from one end of the area to the other in 15 minutes which is really fast. Today for pday were playing Frisbee and soccer at the park right by us.

I don't think I don't I mentioned anything about the bed bug problems we had. Yes, bed bugs are actually a real thing... Elder Tesch would sometimes get bit by bed bugs and we didn't really do anything because I never got bit. However Elder Annis has gotten eaten alive in the last 2 weeks that we have been together. So we searched the box springs and found a bunch. It was super disgusting. We took both box springs and put them in the garbage and then we went to the store to get bug killer. The leasing office already came by and inspected it and told us that on Monday they will call us and let us know when the new apartment is ready. They said, "Let us know when its ready but did  not doing anything".  So we went to Walmart, bought bug bed killer and sprayed the shiz out of our bedroom and the mattress. Then we had to let it air our so we needed a place to stay.

I saw on Davis Jenkins blog that it shows all around the world who is
visiting his page. You should talk to Lisa and figure out how to do
that for mine.

Love Logan

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