Sunday, April 5, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 33 : April 6, 2015

Elder Frew and Elder Tesch: Visit Washington DC
Hey family,
So yesterday Tony had his baptismal interview with one of the
presidency of the mission because a zone leader cannot do it. And he
will be ready for baptism this coming Saturday the 11th of April! He is super excited
and we are also as other Tesch and I are finishing up our last
transfer together. Tony's wife got baptized in December, then his kids
got baptized while I was here with other Tesch, and now Tony will be
the final one to be baptized. Transfers will be this
Thursday and elder Tesch is almost 100% going to be leaving. I am
really hoping that I don't get stuck with someone I don't like. But if
not I guess I will just half to work it out. I have loved being
companions with elder Tesch. He will be here in the mission basically
the whole time I will be here which is great because all my buddies
that I've made here go home this summer and fall. He goes home one
transfer before me in July.

Conference was good this weekend. Tony (our investigator committed to baptism)
 has watched most of it and we invited most of our other people we've been working with to watch it.

One of the people that told us to go home and rethink our lives a few weeks ago actually 
watched conference too! I liked Elder Holland's talk about the kid who went
rock climbing with his brother. I also liked him Russell Ballard's talk
for priesthood. I also loved Willford W. Anderson who talked about
dancing to the music and hearing the music. I have really come to
enjoy watching conference as a missionary. I am not distracted to go
play Monopoly and risk. And I actually want to listen to hear what
they're saying. Does Daniel and John still go and do that? And did you
guys go to the stake center to watch priesthood?

The Lees are in are in DC? You should give me their number and also
text Chris lee and see if they would want to go to lunch. I am super
close to Mount Vernon I could ride my bike super easy. It would still be 
cool to see someone from back home.

Love you guys,
Elder Frew

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