Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 36: April 27, 2015

Elder Ames and Elder Frew

Congrats to Derek for graduating from BYU. I liked the pictures. That's so cool that you talked to M. Russell Ballard too. How did Daniel like Mormon prom? This week we had two lessons with our investigator named Rose. I don't know if I told you about her yet. She is from Bolivia and has two little daughters. Her two older brothers served LDS missions when she was really young although she never was baptized or doesn't know a ton about the church. The two little girls are super smart though. They probably know more scripture stories than some of my companions I've had. Anyways we took a member that is Brazilian to our lesson with her and it went really well. I think they are good people that will be receptive to baptized. They were  just recently baptized in a Baptist church but they said they would be willing to be baptized again, if they found out it was true. So things are going really well with them.

 We went to a baptism for some missionaries in our zone. They did the baptism in the Potomac River which was kinda cool. The water was probably freezing. It was frozen over just a few months ago.

Last Monday there was a tornado warning so we had to go to our apartments early that day. We were at the very end of our area so we biked as fast as we could back to our apartment. I think we got from one end of the area to the other in 15 minutes which is really fast. Today for pday were playing Frisbee and soccer at the park right by us.

I don't think I don't I mentioned anything about the bed bug problems we had. Yes, bed bugs are actually a real thing... Elder Tesch would sometimes get bit by bed bugs and we didn't really do anything because I never got bit. However Elder Annis has gotten eaten alive in the last 2 weeks that we have been together. So we searched the box springs and found a bunch. It was super disgusting. We took both box springs and put them in the garbage and then we went to the store to get bug killer. The leasing office already came by and inspected it and told us that on Monday they will call us and let us know when the new apartment is ready. They said, "Let us know when its ready but did  not doing anything".  So we went to Walmart, bought bug bed killer and sprayed the shiz out of our bedroom and the mattress. Then we had to let it air our so we needed a place to stay.

I saw on Davis Jenkins blog that it shows all around the world who is
visiting his page. You should talk to Lisa and figure out how to do
that for mine.

Love Logan

Monday, April 20, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 35: April 20, 2015

Elder Tesch and Tony and Elder Frew (Tony's baptism)
Elder Frew and Elder Tesch

Hey family,
First off did you guys get the letter I sent that had a bunch of
photos? I sent hat awhile ago and I wasn't sure if you got those
yet? So we had quite a day Saturday. We woke up at 6am and worked out
till 7am. Then we had the Elders with a car drop us off at the church
right after that in our gym clothes to start filling up the font.
They dropped us off and they went back to get showered and ready for
the day and told us they would be back to pick us up so we could get ready.We
were expecting them to give us plenty of time to get ready since the
baptism was at 10:00am.. Flash forward to 9:15am and they finally came back
to the chapel and to pick us up. We drove as fast as we can go to our
apartment which is at least ten minutes away for us both to get
showered and get everything we need for the baptism. I've never gotten
ready so fast in my life. Elder Annis and I were showered, with our
suits on, hair done, and everything we needed in less than 7 minutes.
Oh and we got a call from the Elder Tesch right before saying he was
going to be late and that I should bring clothes to baptize Tony in
case he was unable to get there on time. So we get everything and
the baptism clothes and the other elders finally come and take us back
to the church at 9:45. Out of all the days in the year they decided to
be late the one day we finally have a baptism. Anyways but once we got
there it seemed to go pretty well. I got pictures with me and Tony
since Elder Tesch hadn't showed up yet. I was in my white clothes and ready
to do the baptism once the program started. I gave a talk on baptism
which went well I thought, and right as I'm ending Elder Tesch walks in
the room with all his white clothes on too. Haha. So the program went
as planned after that. Elder Tesch baptized Tony and everything went
really well. Afterwards we went to Tony's house and had Pizza Hut Pizza and
hung out with for a little bit. So even though I am wearing white
clothes in the pictures I really didn't baptize Tony haha. At least it
looks like I did. hahha
We also had a good week besides the baptism. We street contacted 
a lady from Bolivia who had two older brothers on missions and
we're both members. She wasn't baptized though and she had 2 girls. We
are taught them the restoration and set up another time to come back
next week. We had the same thing happen with a guy named Alex who's
from Ethiopia. We taught him the restoration and set up another time.
And we also met a mom and a little boy from California who met with
the missionaries there. This week we picked up 4/5 new investigators
and also had a baptism so things have been going really well for us.

Another cool thing happened Saturday.... We were ridding our bikes
home from our dinner appointment across this soccer field when a group
of 12 guys were like " hey it's the Mormons ha ha" (in a joking way).
They asked us if we wanted to play football with them. When I had the
choice to go tract for a hour and half or play football my decision
was pretty easy. So we played football in our shirt and ties and got
super sore and sweaty. They did two hand touch for us since we were in
shirts and ties which was nice but the rest of the game everyone just
played tackled. Not too brag but I played pretty dang good. Especially
for being the only white guy besides Elder Annis on the whole field
Ha ha.  So after we were done playing we told them to hit us up next time they
were going to play football or basketball. As we started riding away I
thought that we needed to go back and invite them to come to church. I
figured at least one of them has to be interested.So we rode our bikes
back and to not make it awkward we gave them some left over food that
the member gave us for dinner and invited them to come to church with
us on Sunday. None of them ended up coming but it was still a lot of
fun. Saturday was one of the best days that I've had on my mission.

Sunday night we had a lesson with our investigator Barbara and it went
pretty well. We didn't teach her a set lesson just answering questions
to her needs. We have been trying to help her come to know the truth
of the gospel. But last night I realized that she doesn't even have a
knowledge of God. So we are trying to help her find that out first.

Elder Frew

Tony and his family and Elder Frew

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 34- April, 13, 2015


My New Companion: Elder Annis and Elder Frew
This week we had transfers on Thursday.  We spent most time before that
just saying goodbyes to the people Elder Tesch wanted to see. Then on
transfer day Elder Tesch was transfer ed and went to the
Ashburn area not too far from where I was at in Lees burg. My new
companion is Elder Annis. He's from Manti, Utah. He's really into
skateboarding and snowboarding. He's been pretty cool so far. Its been
nice be leading the area out again.

 So we had to move Tony's baptism to next Saturday because the family
 had a funeral come up. But everything is still going good and he's ready
 to be baptized on the 25th of April.  Elder Tesch will be back here in Mount Vernon
on Saturday so that he can baptized Tony. I'm glad that I've had the chance to be
companions with Elder Tesch for 2 transfers. I love that guy. Elder
Oyler left my zone and got transferred to the Oakton zone. I will
probably only be here for 5 more weeks.

We did a lot of finding this week and trying to talk to as many people
as possible. It was pretty funny so I was talking to this guy on the street
 about the Book of Mormon and the conversation was going really well 
when all of a sudden a super drunk little El Salvadorian guy comes up
 and tries to ask me for some money. Ha ha...He was so drunk that you 
couldn't even understand him. When he asked for a buck I gave him a 
restoration pamphlet and pretended I didn't know what he wanted. Eventually
 my new companion Elder Annis gave him a buck and he left. This week we had
some Siera Le One food with the George family. I actually was able to
handle it pretty well this time.

Please get back to me on the college stuff!
Love Elder Frew

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 33 : April 6, 2015

Elder Frew and Elder Tesch: Visit Washington DC
Hey family,
So yesterday Tony had his baptismal interview with one of the
presidency of the mission because a zone leader cannot do it. And he
will be ready for baptism this coming Saturday the 11th of April! He is super excited
and we are also as other Tesch and I are finishing up our last
transfer together. Tony's wife got baptized in December, then his kids
got baptized while I was here with other Tesch, and now Tony will be
the final one to be baptized. Transfers will be this
Thursday and elder Tesch is almost 100% going to be leaving. I am
really hoping that I don't get stuck with someone I don't like. But if
not I guess I will just half to work it out. I have loved being
companions with elder Tesch. He will be here in the mission basically
the whole time I will be here which is great because all my buddies
that I've made here go home this summer and fall. He goes home one
transfer before me in July.

Conference was good this weekend. Tony (our investigator committed to baptism)
 has watched most of it and we invited most of our other people we've been working with to watch it.

One of the people that told us to go home and rethink our lives a few weeks ago actually 
watched conference too! I liked Elder Holland's talk about the kid who went
rock climbing with his brother. I also liked him Russell Ballard's talk
for priesthood. I also loved Willford W. Anderson who talked about
dancing to the music and hearing the music. I have really come to
enjoy watching conference as a missionary. I am not distracted to go
play Monopoly and risk. And I actually want to listen to hear what
they're saying. Does Daniel and John still go and do that? And did you
guys go to the stake center to watch priesthood?

The Lees are in are in DC? You should give me their number and also
text Chris lee and see if they would want to go to lunch. I am super
close to Mount Vernon I could ride my bike super easy. It would still be 
cool to see someone from back home.

Love you guys,
Elder Frew